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Lüdinghausen: To the BorkenBergen

Pure nature - 51 km that will lead you to European nature reserves!

all around Lüdinghausen you can discover stately castles and palaces as well as relaxing natural landscapes.

The north-west route of the cloverleaf tours, for example, leads away Lüdinghausen in the nature reserves of the region and through the municipalities Lüdinghausen, holders and Dülmen.

In Borkenmountains have been declared a European bird sanctuary along with the Heubach lowlands and the Lavesumer Bruch. The multitude of endangered animal and plant species living here, irreplaceable rare and endangered habitats make the Borkenberge to the most valuable and important protected area of ​​the entire region.

Cycling fun in the interplay of relaxation and nature!

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Single tour: All Borkenbirch

Lüdinghausen: To the BorkenBergen
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