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Environmental Education - Environmental Education Centers

learning workshop Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld

The extracurricular place of learning Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld offers events in nature on the habitats of forest, meadow, water and soil. Among other things, the pupils are invited to get to know the forest in spring and autumn. Phenomena corresponding to the seasons, such as the early bloomers in spring, the variety of forest fruits ...

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Biological Station Recklinghausen eV

"With heart and hand" active for nature, landscape and people in the Recklinghausen district. This sentence can be used to describe the activities of the biological station quite well.

The biological station has a holistic claim and would like to permanently preserve nature, our native animals and plants, our natural and cultural landscape for the people.

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Biologische Station im Kreis Wesel

The nature in the Wesel district is home to a large number of animals and plants, some of which are rare. With specialist knowledge, site-specific knowledge and personal commitment, we strive to preserve biological diversity in the Wesel district.

We have made it our business to take care of their habitats and to protect them as ...

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BNE-Regionalzentrum in Zwillbrock

ESD regional center for the West Nature and Landscape Foundationmünsterland

The West Nature and Landscape Foundationmünsterland (NLW Foundation) has been active in the areas of biotope and species protection and environmental education since it was founded in 2004 - with a clear commitment to the West regionmünsterlandeg.

Since April 2019, the NLW Foundation has also been in Ko...

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Biologisches Zentrum Kreis Coesfeld

Nature - a declaration of love: We are fascinated by the diversity and beauty of nature, its versatility and its networked systems, in which we humans are also integrated. We want you to get to know and understand nature and our environment better. You should enjoy nature. We would like to encourage you to sustainably use our natural foundations of life.

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Naturschutzzentrum Kreis Coesfeld e.V.

Experience nature at the Alten Hof Schoppmann - Hof Schoppmann in Nottuln-Darup is the seat of the Naturschutzzentrum Kreis Coesfeld e.V.

The old gatehouse is not only a place of learning and exhibition space, but also a central, versatile focal point of village life. Exhibitions about the natural and cultural landscape of the Baum region…

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Waldkompetenzzentrum Heidhof Bottrop

Experience the forest with "Hilty wood rasps" -  The Heidhof: A former farm belonging to the industrialist Grillo, which was established in 1908. Today it is a center for environmental education, forest and care base.


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Extracurricular place of learning Biotopwildpark Anholter Schweiz

Experience nature in a “Swiss” setting. In memory of his honeymoon, Prince Leopold zu Salm-Salm built a replica of Lake Lucerne with a Swiss house and rocky landscape in Anholt. Today's biotope game park shows over 56 different animal species on an area of ​​approx. 50 hectares, many of which are also native to Germany or were once native to Germany. The …

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46348 Raesfeld
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