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Nature activities - days in nature

2021 nature campaigns



  • "We make nature tangible"

3rd graders from Schule-am-Siedlerweg were guests at the Naturpark Hohe Mark and spent an unforgettable nature action day in the forests around Naturparkhouse in Raesfeld

In a good mood and looking forward to an outdoor event in the woods on Naturparkhouse in Raesfeld, the students and accompanying teachers from the elementary school in Oberhausen got off the bus.

After a round of introductions, the staff at the NaturErlebnisSchule reported on historical records that had recently been found in the castle. This document contained information that a significant treasure that had been looted during war operations would be in the castle woods.

Motivated and interested, the 3 c went on the journey to salvage the treasure. It quickly became clear to the children that it would not be possible to pass the upcoming climbing exercises and interaction games without mutual agreements and organized cooperation. "The children's ambition was aroused and over the course of the day the students became more and more self-confident in an environment that was largely unfamiliar to them, nature," observed Barbara Krass, an employee in the office of the Naturparks High Mark e. V.. After a joint picnic under the canopy of leaves, the treasure hunt continued with a wealth of ideas. With a lot of joy and deserved pride, the treasure chest was recovered from a small island and honestly distributed to all active treasure-seeking nature explorers. The Rod of Wisdom accompanied the children throughout the day and reminded them of values ​​such as listening, trusting, helping others and encouraging them.


  • "The forest habitat through the ages"

Schü4th grade students from the Alsfeld School in Oberhausen were guests at the Biological Station in the Zwillbrocker Venn in Vreden and dealt with the effects of human trafficking on the forest on the Nature Action Day.

The bus drove to the Biological Station in Zwillbrock punctually at the agreed time. The 4th grade of the Alsfeld school had arrived and was looking forward to an exciting day of nature activities around the biological station in Zwillbrock. After the long bus ride, all students had to arrive on site first. Well strengthened, all students expressed their expectations of the day of action in nature, which the class had been looking forward to for so long, into the “forest microphone”. At the beginning, dealing with each other and dealing with nature was discussed in a circle of chairs. With the help of picture cards, each student could decide on a map on the topic of the forest and exchange previous knowledge and thoughts with their classmates. Due to the diverse uses of the forest, the conflicts of interests and goals between its use as a supplier of raw materials for economic purposes and the conflict between its function as a recreational and climate protection forest were well worked out by the children. The students named things that are brought in frequently in everyday life, such as chairs and tables and also paper. The children surprised with cross-topic knowledge. One pupil described the "greenhouse effect" and another pupil gave his knowledge of tree rings and humus formation, which is so important for further plant growth, to further stimulate the class.

After the theoretical part of the day everyone was looking forward to discovering the nature reserve around the Zwillbrocker Venn, including an extensive picnic. On the way there was always information from the biologist Ms. Kern about moor, forest, wet meadows and water areas in the Borken district. The children learned that the plants and animals of the forest are important "climate protection officers".

Due to the proximity to the border with the Netherlands, Ms. Kern also knew about some smugglers' stories from the past, which were particularly exciting for the children.

The guided nature adventure games, the soil animal regulations and the free creative play were a great experience for the motivated students.

In the afternoon the whole class agreed that it was a successful nature action day in the woods around the Zwillbrocker Venn.


  • "Out and about in the forest, which takes on many important functions for people and animals!"

8th grade students from the Jeannette Wolffs School from Dortmund were guests at the Biological Station in the Zwillbrocker Venn in Vreden and dealt with the effects of human trafficking on the forest on the Nature Action Day.

The 8th grade of the Jeannette Wolffs School drove to the Biological Station Zwillbrock to find out more about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) and the various tasks of the forest. A selection of the various goals from the topics: culture, politics, ecology, economy and social issues were discussed in the chair group. In the subsequent active question and answer session, each student was able to express his or her own opinion on given questions. This was followed by a digital nature adventure rally in the area around the Zwillbrocker Venn. In small groups, the students set out to answer assignments on local issues as well as general nature conservation issues. Background information rounded off the biparcours. The rally covered all 17 goals for a world worth living in and on the way the nature reserve was explored by the participants.

In the premises of the biological station, the questions of the biparcours app were discussed afterwards and the opinions of the students were asked again.

Due to the active discussion of the 17 sustainability goals, the questions in the opening round were now answered differently by some students at the end of the nature action day and a rethinking became clear.



The nature action days were made possible through the mediation and support of the Association of Germans Naturparke e. V., as well as through the financial participation of the company Kaufland, who have set themselves the goal of offering school classes with a high proportion of children from socially disadvantaged families a nature experience trip to a neighboring Naturpark to enable, as these children often have few opportunities for nature experience. The nature action day was organized by the Naturpark Hohe Mark e. V.







2019 nature campaigns


  • Municipal special school "Schillerschule" from Oberhausen as a guest at Naturpark High mark

The floor has many functions and has many questions for us! It offers space to live, our food grows on it, it filters and stores our water, breaks down pollutants and tells stories. Pupils from the municipal special needs school "Schillerschule" from Oberhausen were able to go on an exciting journey of discovery into the soil ecosystem on Wednesday, July 10.07.2019th, XNUMX at the nature action day in Naturpark Hohe Mark Mark in cooperation with the Biological Station Zwillbrock. This day of action was made possible by a cooperation of the Association of German Naturparke e. V. (VDN) with the company Kaufland, which bears the costs for the nature action day as part of its social commitment.

After the welcome by the managing director, Ms. Dagmar Beckmann, breakfast on the natural play area in the Raesfeld castle zoo became a picnic in nature and the pupils strengthened for a natural experience in the forest, which is rare in everyday life.

Dipl. Landscape Ecologist Bettina Hüning, from Biological Station Zwillbrock e. V., with her story "This is my nature", which was about the habitat of badgers, earthworms and earth wasps, was able to vividly illustrate the importance of the soil and its inhabitants.

The pupils were interested listeners and were able to find out what tasks the animals take on in the soil ecosystem. What does our earth smell like? How different does the floor feel? Who lives in and on the ground? How hard is it to dig a hole in the ground like the badger does? Can you paint with earth colors like previous cave dwellers? At various stations, the soil ecosystem could be examined more closely and reference made to the importance of soil as the basis for one's own life.



Kaufland supports the "Nature Action Days" in Naturparken

The nature action days are part of the broad-based joint commitment by Kaufland and VDN for the NaturparkOne Germany. The aim of the cooperation is to give children from an urban environment access to nature experiences. Thanks to Kaufland’s commitment, 2018 classes at primary and secondary schools across Germany have been able to go on a one-day excursion to a nearby school since 40 Naturpark . perform

And these are just a few of the functions of our floors. Soils are valuable, they are real treasures - natural resources!


Naturpark- Discovery day with the kindergarten children "Die Waldmäuse" from Heiden supported by CosmosDirekt on September 26.09.2019th, XNUMX

Subject: Stone Age / Düwelsteene

The nature discovery day began with a musical singing round in a circle of wooden blocks in the middle of the forest.

The motto of the discovery tour with the children of the forest kindergarten “Die Waldmäuse” in Heiden was “The Stone Age”. The tour started on September 26th, 09 at around 2019:9.30 am from the kindergarten and led from there to the "Düwelsteenen" 2,6 km away, a Neolithic large stone grave of the funnel cup culture (around 3500–2800 BC).

After a break for breakfast in the area of ​​the “Elfenmoos” by the way, the children were told on the basis of prepared picture boards how even the early pre-humans used simple tools - namely stones and horse mackerel - to defend themselves against animals or to get better food. The whole thing was also implemented in a playful way, in which the children were able to “harvest” (artificial) bananas hung in the surrounding trees using long wooden sticks or to throw them down with smaller sticks. The use of stones to open hard nuts was practiced on walnuts; A certain skill is required here in order not to completely crush the nuts, and it quickly became apparent that the “hammer / anvil principle” (flat stone as a base, small, hard stone as a hammer) is the most effective.

Using other boards, the children learned that the acquired knowledge was passed on from the adults to the offspring at an early age. The further development of stone tools was also demonstrated (production of sharp-edged flint artifacts).

A significant step in the cultural history of mankind was the transition from nomadic hunters and gatherers to sedentary farmers and ranchers. Using many animal figures, it was shown which of them gradually became pets (first dog, then sheep, pig, goat, cattle, etc.).

Then it went on towards "Düwelsteene". On the way there, the children were asked to look for suitable stones at a certain point, which should largely correspond to the large stones of the grave (one flat side if possible).

From the stones collected by the children and the material brought with them, the participants rebuilt the grave complex on a small scale. The existing information board served as an illustration so that the children could understand the individual work steps, such as the transport of heavy stones with the help of round pieces of wood. Also for some of the adults present it was surprising that the boulders that are visible today, which formed the core of the complex, were previously completely encased in a mound of earth.

After completing the "en miniature" replica of the large stone grave, the children set out on a treasure hunt. According to an old report, the builders of the Neolithic tomb are said to have hidden a treasure north of it. And indeed: after an eager search with a digging stick and with bare hands, a row of perforated round disks made of (noble) stone were found in the sandy soil, as they were once worn as amulets, so that each of the children with one as a memento of this "Stone Age day" could move home. The day was a complete success for all participating children, parents and educators. Mrs. Fockenberg, head of the forest kindergarten

"The forest mice" thanked Mr. Arno Straßmann very much for the special nature experience day. Mr Straßmann, 1st chairman of the association Naturparkleader Hohe Mark eV, was able to impart a great deal of new knowledge about the "Düwelsteenen", which are the symbol of the children's home community, to all those present thanks to his specialist knowledge, said Barbara Kraß from Naturpark Hohe Mark, who established contact between the forest kindergarten and the Association of German Naturparke (VDN) had produced. the Naturpark-Discovery Day was supported by CosmosDirket and the Association of German Naturparke (VDN).

CosmosDirect supports "Naturpark-Discovery days"

The company CosmosDirekt is a new partner of the Association of German Naturparke and supports over 40 as part of a sponsorship Naturpark-Discovery days, the Naturparke in cooperation with schools or day-care centers during the winter weeks. The aim of the project is to give children access to nature and to provide information about nature in an experience-oriented manner.


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