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Behavior in Naturpark

Or: About the sense and use of signage. When you are a guest, no matter where, you are particularly attentive to the use and free space of the other. After all, you don't want to disturb or even destroy anything.

And that's how it is in the Naturpark high marks; just that you don't necessarily always have someone around to talk to about it. But there are plenty of signs with information and rules of conduct. After all, the host has domiciliary rights here.

But some things are also taken for granted:

  • Dogs, for example, have to be kept on a leash, because wandering around and looking at what lives in the bushes can mess up the habitat of another animal. Of course, this does not only apply to dogs: human visitors should not stay off the beaten track, either on foot, by bike or on horseback.
  • An open fire in the wild can be disastrous, but you know it. Therefore: Do not throw away any burning cigarettes or even make a campfire. The damage to animals and plants cannot be measured.
  • The plants in Naturpark Hohe Mark are protected, which means: do not pick or dig up. Most plants are attached to their habitat and would not thrive in a home garden. In addition, other visitors also want to enjoy the plants.
  • Videos or photos with drones are a nice thing, but unfortunately they are also very annoying. They scare away or frighten animals and also have a disturbing effect on people, which is why it is better not to.

That all sounds understandable, doesn't it?

If many visitors come across a lot of nature, then some rules have to be observed in peaceful coexistence. This protects nature, pleases the animal world and preserves a valuable piece of earth for people.


Fred im Prinzenbusch Rhede                   

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Naturpark High mark
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