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Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld

The Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld was built in 2005 in the immediate vicinity of the historic palace complex of Schloss Raesfeld. You can find the office here Naturpark Hohe Mark, but also the Tourist Info from Raesfeld, the sponsoring association Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld, local marketing Raesfeld and the learning workshop Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld. On the ground floor, the Tourist Info has lots of information about Naturpark Hohe Mark and the region ready for you. The classroom of the learning workshop is also on the ground floor of the building and is mainly used in bad weather to evaluate material collected in the field. The offices of the office of the Naturparks are at the back of the building.

offers in Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld

Tourist information office in Raesfeld

A weekend in the country? An entertaining excursion into an idyllic landscape? the Tourist info im Naturparkhaus direkt im Tiergarten am Schloss will be happy to advise you and put together your individual feel-good excursion programme. Find out more about the historic moated castle and castle community and lots of information about cycling and hiking trails in the region, events and sights. We are looking forward to your visit!


Families with children aged 4-12 are very welcome in our exhibition "On the trail of nature". Many interactive stations await all nature lovers.


Extracurricular place of learning: District learning workshop Borken

Extracurricular place of learning in and on Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld


This is for schools Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld a venue of PhänomexX, an extracurricular school laboratory in which scientific teaching is promoted in an exemplary manner and school learning is supplemented.

learning workshop

The also in NaturparkThe learning workshop located in the building, which is supervised by the ESD Regional Center Foundation NLW, offers schoolchildren the opportunity to directly experience nature in a wide variety of events and promotes their abilities to make sustainable decisions in the sense of ESD (education for sustainable development).


Im Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld there are no regular public events.

Guided tours of the Raesfeld Castle Zoo and the castle complex can be booked through the Raesfeld Tourist Information Office.

Arrival options

The Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld can be reached by bike via the nearby 100 Castles Route and the 3 Rivers Route, which runs through the Tiergarten.

Arriving by car is recommended. Right on Naturparkthere are enough parking spaces available. Parking is free. Parking camping cars/mobile homes overnight is prohibited all year round.



offers on Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld


The Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld invites you to stroll along the count's paths and, with a bit of luck, catch a glimpse of one or the other stately red deer. On the ponds in Tiergarten you can see ducks, rails, swans and geese and gray herons.
In addition to the autumnal rutting concert, extensive frog melodies can often be heard in early summer as a special background noise. Three circular routes invite you to the Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld for romantic walks. You can get a hiking map like the one shown here NaturparkHouse.

hiking map Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld


Nature adventure area

The Nature adventure area am Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld invites you to play in and with nature on a 5.000 m² area with climbing and balancing paths, low ropes course, cone throwing system, branch construction site and much more.



Naturpark High mark im Naturparkhouse
Raesfeld Castle Zoo
zoo 1
46348 Raesfeld

Phone: 02865 - 609-10


Opening hours Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld

Monday - Friday
09:30 - 12:30 and 13:30 - 17:00

13:30 p.m. - 17:00 p.m.

Sunday holiday
11:00 p.m. - 17:00 p.m.


Click here for the digital themed trail for schoolchildren

The Raesfeld moated castle has the highest tower of all castles in Westphalia and the associated historical zoo is unique in Germany in terms of its size and type. Why did Count Alexander II create a zoo back then and what is that anyway – a castle garden with animals or a zoo at the castle? Just one of many questions that are resolved in the biparcours.

The starting point is the glass one Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld. If you want to take part in the biparcours, you will receive a map with a 2,2 kilometer route and some prominent points. The path leads to the castle courtyard and there over a former drawbridge into the inner courtyard. The biparcours begins in front of the main castle. This leads to the most diverse, beautiful and interesting places and offers plenty of information with tasks, quizzes and games. History buffs in particular are in the right place here!


  • Download the free BIPARCOURS app:
    Apple Store, Google Play Store, APK file
  • Open the app.
  • On the app screen, select "Scan Code" and point the camera at the launch guide code. You will be automatically taken to the start screen of the course.

For information: The use of the Biparcours app is reserved exclusively for pupils. 







Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld
view on the map

Discover the Naturpark Hohe Mark via our interactive map.

To Naturpark-Map

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Naturpark High mark
Tourist Info in Naturparka houseTiergarten Schloss Raesfeld
zoo 1
46348 Raesfeld?
Phone: 02865 - 60910?