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Naturparkhouse Naturschutzzentrum Kreis Coesfeld e.V.

The nature conservation center has been based at the Alter Hof Schoppmann in Nottuln-Darup since autumn 2015. The eV lives in the old gatehouse with a place of learning and an exhibition room, so that the premises together are a welcome place for the Naturpark Hohe Mark are.

This has been happening since 1995 Naturschutzzentrum Kreis Coesfeld e.V. for the diverse Münsterland park landscape and the animal and plant species that live there. It sees itself as a link between the land users and official and voluntary nature conservation.

The nature conservation center works in the Coesfeld district in one of the most liveable natural areas in North Rhine-Westphalia and makes an important contribution to the preservation of the landscape with its work. The main task is to look after the numerous protected areas in the district. There are 107 nature reserves alone. There are also two European bird protection areas and 20 flora-fauna habitat areas.

The protected areas in the Coesfeld district are home to remarkable habitats and species from the heights of the tree mountains to the lowlands of the Stever and Lippe. Remnants of our former moor and heathland are still preserved in the Venner Moor, in the Davert and along the Heubach lowland.

Offers im Naturparkhouse

In the large exhibition room, changing exhibitions on the natural and cultural landscape of the region are shown. In spring 2022, the space, the long-planned exhibition concept, is to be implemented and then also to be informed about the special features in the media.

In addition, with new technology and seating, the 90 m² room can also be used for lectures and conferences.

For the special location at the foot of the Baumberge, special environmental education programs have been developed. Locally relevant topics and peculiarities such as "springs", "fire salamanders", "Baumberger sandstone", "bats", "owls" and "wayside plants" and the like. can be booked by daycare centers and schools in particular.

The environmental education program was designed by the Biological Center as part of Education for Sustainable Development and is carried out by its educators in the Naturparkhouse implemented.

Offers am Naturparkhouse

The nature conservation center is located on the Alter Hof Schoppmann, which after the end of its agricultural use was developed into a central, multifaceted starting point for village life. There, the eV is not only a resident of the old gatehouse, but also one of three partners in this large regional 2016 project.

Different offers now exert regional and national appeal. The place of learning and the exhibition room of the nature conservation center are just as important facilities as the newly designed grounds or the cultural offerings of the partners on the farm. Readings, concerts and even a Christmas market take place in the courtyard. The garden and nature playground are in the immediate vicinity of the building and invite you to linger next to the café. In addition to coffee and cake, the café also offers a lunch menu (can be ordered in advance), and toilets are of course available.



Around 30 events organized by the nature conservation center provide information about plants, animals and habitats in the Coesfeld district every year. In addition, there are natural history changing exhibitions, special events such as lectures and student programs that expand the offer.

The Baumberg region with its outstanding flora and fauna plays an important role in this. Fire salamanders, Bechstein's bat, eagle owl and hornbeam forest are not to be found in the surrounding area and make the region so special. Expertly guided excursions and lectures give an insight into our homeland and create an understanding of the need to protect the various habitats.

Natural history tours through our second focus area, the Venner Moor on the eastern edge of the district area, show a different landscape. The rewetted moor is the habitat of teal, adder and cotton grass and stands out in its own way from its surroundings. With expert guidance, the special features are highlighted and the focus is on the need for protection of the formerly widespread type of landscape.

In addition to events on these two main areas, there are also excursions to other special areas. This includes, for example, the “Green Center”, the “Brink Clay Pit” or simply an expedition on our farm premises.




Daycare centers and school classes can choose from many different local topics and get to know their homeland with the bookable program.

The Baumberger Apple Festival takes place every year on Thanksgiving Sunday. The event revolves around the apple and offers a juice press, fruit selection and delicious dishes as well as numerous activities for children.

Arrival options:

  • By car: (parking facilities)

- Attention, other GPS address -

The nature conservation center on the Alter Hof Schoppmann is located at Am Hagenbach 11 in 48301 Nottuln-Darup. In Darup, at best, follow the signs to the courtyard. When approaching with a navigation device, the parking lot of the courtyard can be reached via the destination address Wullaweg 2, 48301 Nottuln-Darup.

  • With public transport:

Objective: Bus stop "Darup, Alter Hof Schoppmann", accessible with line R 63

The R 63 bus runs every hour between Nottuln, Rhodeplatz and Coesfeld. From Nottuln, it takes just 5 minutes to get to the Darup stop, Alter Hof Schoppmann. (Price 1,80 / student, group discounts available, classes please register, as of 2019).

From Münster (line S60) via Nottuln, Rhodeplatz (stay there on the R 63 or, if necessary, stay in the same bus, it only changes the line number - inform!).

From Havixbeck (line B 32, BürgerBus) via Nottuln, Rhodeplatz (there on the R 63).

From Appelhülsen (line C 85) via Nottuln, Rhodeplatz (there on the R 63). Nottuln-Appelhülsen has a train station on the railway line between Münster and Haltern am See (on to Essen).

From Coesfeld (line R 63) towards Nottuln directly to Darup, Alter Hof Schoppmann. Coesfeld has a train station that is approached from the directions of Münster, Dortmund, Dorsten and Enschede.

Please find out about the current travel times, e.g. using the BuBiM app (buses and trains in Münsterland) or directly at the RVM or via the "smart number for bus and train" 01806 504030.


Contact details:

Naturschutzzentrum Kreis Coesfeld e.V.
Schoppmann's old farm
At Hagenbach 11
48301 Nottuln-Darup
Phone: 02502 - 90 123 10


Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday from 10 18 clock to clock




Click here for the digital themed trail for schoolchildren:

The biparcours starts at the small hiking car park. On the information board "Hengwehr and Hanloer Mark" you can read interesting information that is advantageous for the biparcours. For example, it says here that the biparcours is at an altitude of 100 to 140 meters above sea level, these are Münsterlands highest elevations. The path usually leads through old beech forests, which offer the best conditions for the hunters of the air: the local owls.

From here, the biparcours invites you with knowledge questions, interesting information about the local flora and fauna and insider tips for beautiful places. Learning about nature and the environment is additionally embellished with many audio and film excerpts.
Here we go.

PS: There are some very winding paths on the hike, so please remember to wear long trousers and sturdy shoes.


  • Download the free BIPARCOURS app:
    Apple Store, Google Play Store, APK file
  • Open the app.
  • On the app screen, select "Scan Code" and point the camera at the launch guide code. You will be automatically taken to the start screen of the course.

For information: The use of the Biparcours app is reserved exclusively for pupils. 




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