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Naturparkhaus Otto-Pankok-Museum

Naturparkhaus Otto-Pankok-Museum
The former Esselt estate from the 17th century with its manor house (today the last place of residence of the Pankok family of artists), the farm building (today the Otto-Pankok-Museum) and the spacious outdoor area form a wonderful unity of art and nature in the middle of the niederrheinic landscape on the Issel.



The NaturparkHouse.

The museum, which is currently being renovated, will open its doors again in summer 2023 and, with tried-and-tested and new programs, will again be a meeting place and educational center for young and old, which awakens the senses, makes it possible to experience the silence of art and nature, for example creative shapes and critical thinking.

The humanitarian spirit of Otto, Hulda and Eva Pankok, their deep connection with nature and their social commitment will be felt by groups and individual visitors.


Planned offers

As already known or brand new, the following will be offered in the future:

  • A visit to the permanent and temporary exhibition
  • Exhibition openings with additional programs
  • Special events such as concerts, readings, film evenings
  • Group tours (also with hospitality)
  • Family and group celebrations (also with entertainment)
  • Workshops for young and old
  • A cafeteria
  • The museum as an extracurricular place of learning













For many years, the educational program has been at the heart of all museum activities, in which children and young people discover, understand, experience and create art while taking into account the surrounding nature with all its facets.



Nature exploration.

Due to its location directly on the Three Rivers Route, on Wanderweg Hohe Mark Steig and as informative, enlightening, inviting  NaturparkHaus Esselt also offers hikers, cyclists and nature seekers a lot that is worth admiring niederrheinic fauna and flora: a variety of extraordinary dragonflies on the Issel and a varied wildflower meadow.


While strolling through the forest - with a teaching backpack if you wish - you may be lucky enough to spot a flock of deer, but rarely only the badger or fox, which have their home here, while the squirrels and woodpeckers are not very impressed by visitors.

The popular poultry - which Otto Pankok recorded so many times on paper using all techniques - will delight visitors again. But it will be necessary to protect them from the neighbor fox.

Check in:

  1. a) via the A3 Oberhausen – Arnhem motorway, exit Wesel-Schermbeck in the direction of Schermbeck to the first traffic light, from here follow the signs to the Otto Pankok Museum and turn left into Postweg to the Landgasthof Voshövel, turn left into Alte Raesfelder Straße (signposted), then turn right into Otto Pankok-Weg (signposted) to the museum.

b.) via federal road 70 from Wesel in the direction of Brünen to Elmer Mühle, from here follow the signs to the right into Becksstege and right into Otto Pankok-Weg to the museum.

The last part of the way to the museum is on foot. Your car can be parked in the signposted visitor parking lot on Otto Pankok Weg.

Contact details:

dr Katja Szymczak
Managing museum director
Otto Pankok Foundation
Phone 0174 2372313
Email: k.szymczak [at]


Pankok Museum House Esselt
Otto Pankok Way 4
46569 Hünxe-Drevenack

Phone 02856 754

Email: info [at]


Click here for the digital themed trail for schoolchildren:


On the grounds of Haus Esselt in Hünxe lived the famous painter, sculptor and philanthropist Otto Pankok with his family. The former barn right next door became a museum after his death (1966), where his great works are now on display. You can also discover the wonderfully spacious and wild garden at the biparcours.

The meeting and starting point is between the two buildings at the beginning of the landscape painting trail. From here you can embark on an exciting biparcours full of action and knowledge questions. The path passes several beautiful places and turns a walk into an experience for the whole family.

Here we go!

  • Download the free BIPARCOURS app:
    Apple Store, Google Play Store, APK file
  • Open the app.
  • On the app screen, select "Scan Code" and point the camera at the launch guide code. You will be automatically taken to the start screen of the course.

For information: The use of the Biparcours app is reserved exclusively for pupils. 




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