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Walking paths

It stretches from the Münsterland via the northern Ruhr area to the Lower Rhine Naturpark Hohe Mark with its extensive walking and hiking trails. Immerse yourself in the nature of North Rhine-Westphalia and experience Münsterland, the Ruhr area and the Lower Rhine from the idyllic side.

Niederrhein Northern Ruhr area Münsterland

New twilight forest wilderness

The pure wilderness practically on your own doorstep? 

If you are interested in the transformation of an old oak forest into the wilderness of tomorrow, something is probably dawning on you - namely in the Dusk Forest in Münsterland! In the future, forest areas are to develop here without human intervention or intervention on 128 hectares and in a completely natural way.


High up in Reken

A rewarding view of the Münsterland guaranteed after about 1,4 km! It doesn't take a lot of persuasion on this walk to get children excited about the way up to the Melchenberg observation tower. 12 stations on the topic of forests are interesting for young and old nature hikers - this makes the forest an experience.

Before you go to the lookout tower on Melche ...


Stag beetle route and moor adventure trail

A variety of landscapes right at the gates of the city of Wesel and two special tours that can be hiked independently or combined: the stag beetle route and the moor adventure trail.

The starting point is the hiking car park at the south entrance to Diersfordter Wildgatter. The 3,7 km long stag beetle route joins the main path. Further north of the c…


From the Fliegerberg to the Tannenbültenberg summit cross

Adventure and holiday mood guaranteed! Natural paths, real dunes and open land, extensive forests and Scottish highland cattle. Where can you find it? All of this is available in “Die Berge” and on the Fliegerberg in Borken and Velen.

Fliegerberg, under this name the sandy hill in Borken is known, the name of which is based on the earlier use for gliding ...


Walk around the Pröbstingsee Borken

Approx. 6 km long circular route on the Münsterländer Pröbstingsee. Close to heaven! You won't get that close to the sun anytime soon as on the approx. 6 km long circular route around the Pröbstingsee.

Accompanied by heavenly natural impressions, you will experience relaxation, fun, games and alternating impressions around the Pröbstingsee. Sometimes it's the pedal boats, sometimes a family of ...


Büngerner-Dingdener Heide - a surprising journey through time

6 km with a view and a look back at the same time. Looking into nature and looking at five time zones at the same time - you will experience these surprising moments in the Dingdener Heide.

The journey through time begins in 1320 and gives impressions of the use of the forest as a Hudewald and gives an idea of ​​the hard work of the pest. From forest marks of the Middle Ages to the creation ...


Loosenberge on the Lippe floodplain

Approx. 1 km circular route, holiday idyll on the Lower Rhine between Schermbeck and Hünxe. This holiday idyll on the Lippeaue is somewhat hidden, but if you follow the path from the “Loosenberge” hiking car park, you will be rewarded with the sight of the majestic oak.

Close your eyes and feel the fine sand under the soles of your shoes.


Walking paths in the Dülmen wildlife park

Fantastic views, game and the Duke's English park. Right in the middle, without fences and bars, large ponds and many smaller ponds - enchanting landscape with old trees! Sounds good?

Then we invite you to discover fallow deer, sheep and heather sheep on your walk in the Dülmen Wildlife Park. Or explore the remains of a ...


Walks in the Haard

On a length of between 2,7 and 4,8 km, just take a quick lap and enjoy the forest idyll of the Haard.

You can leave the car in one of the Haard's eight larger hiking car parks and enjoy a walk in the dense Haard forest. The orange marked and reliably marked circular routes with a length between 2,7 and 4,8 km invite you to do so.


Stork Route Hervester Bruch

The delightful 5 km hike takes you through the species-rich Hervester Bruch nature reserve - a water landscape from its most beautiful side. Established still waters, partly swamp-like green areas, developed footbridges that lead through the reed beds and camouflaged viewing platforms.

Heavenly conditions as a habitat for storks and other bird species. Heckri ...


Black water Wesel

Nothing is what it seems - and that applies very precisely to the Black Water in Wesel.

It is one of the oldest nature reserves in North Rhine-Westphalia. Its characteristic black color, which is caused by the humic substances of the bog vegetation, makes the lake appear quite gloomy even on sunny days. Do…


Romantic nature in Raesfeld

5 km of historical tradition Discover landscaping - in the Raesfeld Castle Zoo. Around 1650, in the Renaissance style, the “Tiergarten” was laid out for the purpose of hunting. Dead straight paths ensured that hunting parties did not get tangled in the undergrowth.

Follow the historical paths and treat yourself to a look at wonderful ...


Nature culture walk from Bocholt to Rhede

Historic walls, everything in the river, fields and meadows with a viewis the short description for this 8 km long tour through the western Münsterland. A look far into history and a wide view of nature. Promised!


From old baking and bell shapes

The sweat must run down if the work is to praise the master! that's what it says in Friedrich Schiller's “Song of the Bell”. On this leisurely walk of approx. 1 km you can feel the sweaty work of the bell-makers and the hard life of the farmers, farmhands and maids. Extraordinary (life) stories of the bells and insights into the good old days of ...


Daruper hiking trails

D1 and D2This is the name of the hiking trails that start in the center of Darup. Both routes begin exactly at Hof Schoppmann, Am Hagenbach 11 in Darup.

If you want to hike on the D1, then you are 6,5km on the way, with two moderate inclines and between two and two and a half hours.



Village idyll and village community on the Issel in Loikum

Isselweg, 4,6 km, shortened 3,5 km or 1,8 km - W1. Nobody can do everything, nobody can do nothing, and together we can achieve a lot, this motto is lived in Loikum, a very old district of Hamminkeln.

You will quickly discover that this is the motto of the village community when you wander through the idyllic place. Past lovingly planted flowers ...


Nature experience Üfter Mark

4,4 km of barrier-free circular nature experience. Fragrant resin, rustling leaves, soft sand, spicy-sweet juniper berries - nature experiences for all the senses - and everyone can be there.

From the “Tüeshaus Mühle” hiking car park, the “barrier-free circular route” with 10 adventure stations offers a special experience of nature - also ...


Immerse yourself in the Rotbachtal near Dinslaken

Huge old beeches and a natural stream course invite you. Enjoy the flora and fauna of the Rotbachtal in the southwestern part of the Rotbach Valley on a 5 km long walk Naturparks High Mark.

Past the historical fragments of a former barrack camp that housed foreign workers between 1939 and 1945. A basement ...


From Lüdinghausen to Klutensee

On narrow paths through the open field - Burgtor, Vischeríng Castle and Stever are waiting on the 7 km long route. Landscapes, old walls and water will enchant you on this walk in the Münsterland - you start in the city center and hike the Klutensee. You pass through the old castle gate and come to Vischering Castle on narrow paths. There are lined up ...


Follow the ant path in Schermbeck

Experience the ant trail 4,2km barefoot - you can, but you don't have to! If you would like to experience this barefoot hiking route on natural flooring and a lot of information about the “ants” and “feet”, then we invite you to the Üfter Mark. Experience stations typical for barefoot paths and some seating to experience and relax are available.

Lau ...


Experience the Steveraue on a walk

The Münsterländer Steverauenweg takes you over a length of 8 km past waterways, monuments and, above all, special animals. We would like to invite you to discover the natural beauty of the Steveraue step by step and animal experience is guaranteed. Peaceful grazing Konik ponies, giant Catalan donkeys, pairs of storks and Heck cattle along the Stever make ...


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