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... because you can't go it alone! For the tasks of a NaturparkIt takes partners from many areas to be able to cope with it. Networks from agriculture and forestry, nature conservation, districts, cities, communities, tourism and crafts that are based on the goals of the Naturparks are coordinated and strengthen the region.

Many actors in Naturpark Hohe Mark have themselves within the NaturparkPartner program joined forces to Naturpark to make it even more interesting for its visitors.

The partners of Naturparks Hohe Mark offer many creative and landscape-related offers in the areas of nature, culture and activity, gastronomy and accommodation. NaturparkPartners know each other and will be happy to give you, as a visitor, recommendations and valuable tips for visiting other special features of the Naturpark.

Academy Schloss Raesfeld e. V.
The Akademie Schloss Raesfeld eV is a further education institution of the state handicraft organization in North Rhine-Westphalia. Renowned companies will find 32 guest rooms and modern conference rooms in the Raesfelder Schloss.
Freiheit 25-27, 46348 Raesfeld

Applebongert Un-herb
Have you plucked gundermann, ribwort and nettle from your garden beds so far? Go on interesting herb hikes - get to know and process local non-herbs! Holiday apartments (1 wheelchair accessible), bed and bike, nature excursions, cooking with wild herbs, group offers.
Dammerwalder Strasse 44, 46514 Schermbeck

Baederbetriebs GmbH Oer-Erkenschwick-Maritimo Sauna Wellness Resort

Relaxation, maritime comfort and elegance ensure a relaxing break with pleasure. The all-round pampering program has a lot to offer. Massages, steam baths and beauty are just a few of the keywords that stand for rest, relaxation and a good body feeling. You can find out more about a perfect wellness time on the website.

Am Stimbergpark 80, 45739 Oer-Erkenschwick

Benediktushof GmbH
Trust your own life, trust yourself, discover your own possibilities and develop new skills - we at Benediktushof help people who are or are disabled to achieve these goals. Almost 600 people with disabilities use the services of the Benediktushof Maria Veen.
Meisenweg 15, 48734 Reken

Operating company Silbersee II Haltern am See GmbH
With its dreamy beach of silvery fine sand and bathing water of excellent quality, the Silbersee II an ideal destination for the whole family. Enjoy the day on the white beach. You are invited to swim, surf or take a walk on the lake.
Kronprinzenstrasse 35, D-45128 Essen

Organic farm Rülfing
Our goals are the ecological agricultural production of high quality food coupled with an upgrading of our landscape. We take care of the preservation of the cultural landscape by cultivating almost extinct cultures, securing pig breeds such as the colorful Bentheimer country pig. In the farm shop we offer products from our own cultivation.
Am Essingholtbach 1, 46414 Rhede

Deelenladen Kemper
You are very welcome as a holiday guest or to go shopping for fruit, vegetables and much more. On the picturesque farm you can get to know the chickens that will bring you your breakfast egg. Unique gift baskets are lovingly put together. There are tours of the farm by prior arrangement.
Westruper Strasse 290, 45721 Haltern-Hullern

German Alpine Club Section Bocholt
Not only in the Alps, if you want to hike with us in the surrounding area, you are always welcome. The interaction of sporting activities in nature and the protection of the environment has been our topic since 1869.
Weserstrasse 35, 46395 Bocholt

German Alpine Association Section Recklinghausen e. V.
We offer monthly hikes in the region, extended tours in German low mountain ranges, meetings and lectures, training in safe mountaineering, climbing and mountaineering, courses in climbing halls and we have two sponsor huts in the Alps.
DAV Section Recklinghausen e. V.

Grain distillery Böckenhoff GmbH & Co. KG
The little corn distillery Münsterland and burns in its own copper device according to traditional recipes. Old grain, juniper, fine wine, cream liqueur, fruit juice liqueur, herbal schnapps, fruit brandies, other spirits are part of our offer. In the gift service we supplement high-quality products. Group tours and tasting by prior arrangement.
Kirchplatz 2 and 3, 46348 Raesfeld

Holiday farm Schnieder
Holiday apartment for relaxing and fun holidays in the country. Nice starting point for bike tours, archery, rustic food in the farm cafe and barbecue area.
Peasantry 80, 48249 Dülmen-Merfeld

Holiday home Heiden
3 room holiday apartment awarded 4 stars by the German Tourism Association

The bright and well-equipped holiday apartment Heiden offers enough space for a maximum of 77 people on approximately 1 square meters of living space on the 3st floor of our house.
Sabine and Roland Wagner Sandstr. 7, 46359 Heiden

Friends of Sythen Castle
The Friends of Sythen Castle takes care of the preservation of these beautiful walls. The listed buildings gatehouse and chapel can be viewed and used. Concerts, weddings, celebrations and exhibitions take place.
Stockwieser Damm 25, 45721 Haltern am See

Non-profit development association for cultural monument Tüshaus Mühle eV.
The more than 400-year-old watermill in the Dorsten-Deuten district is a small museum and a great destination, especially for families with children and those interested in technology. - Individual tours
Weseler Str. 433, 46286 Dorsten-Deuten

photo school-germany
“Just learn to take photos” ... there is a lot to learn and discover. photo school - germany brings you closer to photography and your surroundings in 1-day photography courses and workshops.
Marie-Curie-Str. 22a, 59399 Olfen

amusement park Dülmenhe lake
Be at home on vacation. Put up your tent between forests and lakes. Spend the night in rustic houses and tents, or stay longer with us in high-quality chalets.
Dülmener See 37, 48249 Dülmen

Gelsenwasser Ltd
We support that Naturpark, because we are at home in the region.
Wasserstraße 100, 45721 Haltern am See

Haard-Camping, Weber family
A campsite for caravans, motorhomes and tents. It is located directly on the local recreation area “Die Haard” - an ideal starting point for a variety of activities in the area. In addition, a restaurant on the campsite pampers you.
In the waves 30, 45711 Dattel-Bockum

Heimatverein der Herrlichkeit Diersfordt eV
We support the preservation of the uniqueness and beauty of the ensemble of architectural and archaeological monuments, as well as the surrounding ones niederrheinical nature and landscape of Diersfordt Castle. Here you will find a museum and the Eiskeller homestead, where a variety of cultural events are held.
On Mars 10, 46487 Wesel

Heimatverein Sythen von 1930 eV.
The Low German language theater culture should be cultivated through the performance of Low German theater pieces. People meet for bike tours in the area, on Thursdays - and sometimes also during the summer holidays - the Sythener Mühle is part of the “Open Mühle” from a. Open at 14:30 p.m. Homemade cakes and fresh coffee are available.
In der Floge 17, 45721 Haltern-Sythen

Hermann Nottenkämper GmbH & Co. KG
We support that Naturpark, because we feel obliged to deal with nature, the landscape and its people in a responsible, forward-looking manner. We want to create an attractive and exciting landscape for future generations to experience.
Eichenallee 1, 46569 Hünxe

Hof Hagedorn
“Enjoy with all your senses at Hof Hagedorn. Stroll past crunchy fruit and vegetables and follow the smell of fresh bread and hearty ham. After a walk in the Hohe Mark, treat yourself to a break in our courtyard café with home-baked cakes or hearty delicacies.
Rekener Str. 117, 45721 Haltern Lavesum

Yard wedge
A family business that stands for sustainable and animal-friendly agriculture, transparency, quality and sustainability. The animals from birth and rearing up to the time of slaughter on our own farm. The farm's own butcher's shop offers exclusive premium meat. Guided tours of the farm and barbecues are offered.
Hadenbrok 9, 48734 Reken

Stegerhoff farm
The family business has developed into a manufacturer specializing in the production of liqueurs, jams and jellies from local fruits. For the "slow food" operation, it goes without saying that great importance is attached to the origin and quality of the fruits and juices, which are processed by hand according to old recipes. For larger groups, a coffee table or a snack as well as special seminars are offered on the threshing floor.
Marienthaler Str. 44, 46348 Raesfeld-Erle

Andres farm cheese dairy
The family business and certified goat cheese manufacturer from Haltern am See works with care and passion when it comes to goat cheese production. A large range of goat cheeses, including cream cheese, sliced ​​cheese varieties and goat salami, are on offer, and cheese platters and gift baskets are prepared.
Lünzumer Weg 125, 45721 Haltern am See

Süthold farm shop
Fresh products from the region are sold on the farm and stalls selling local delicacies on markets across the country.
Vennekenweg 28, 46348 Raesfeld

Hohe Mark Tourismus eV

Hohe Mark Tourismus eV has set out to exploit the charms of the  Naturparks Hohe Mark even better. It is the first club in the Naturpark Hohe Mark, which is open to private individuals and business people.

The aim is to invite visitors to our beautiful region, i.e. to promote tourism. We want to bundle the tourism offerings and make our contribution to further improving them.

With the office of Naturpark Hohe Mark, which is based in Raesfeld, we want to work closely and amicably together. Everyone should do what they can best and support others where they can.

With everything we do, we want to make a useful contribution to our beautiful homeland Naturpark Hohe Mark and the people who live and recover in them.

Hotel-Restaurant Grosse Teichsmühle
Surrounded by forests, streams and lakes, the Grosse Teichsmühle is the perfect place for a short vacation or a short break from the stress of everyday life.
Brockenbrgestr. 78, 48249 Dülmen

Hotel Seehof
The Seehof is a modern and efficient wellness and conference hotel. At the Seehof, business, wellness and beauty await you in a comfortable and stylish ambience.
Hullerner Strasse 102, 45721 Haltern am See

Beekeeping and herb teacher Werner Gahlen
Are you enthusiastic about the world of bees and wild plants? - Then visit one of my next guided tours and enjoy my gastronomic experience!
Loewenfeldstrasse 27, 46244 Kirchhellen

Jammertal Golf and SPA Resort
In the middle of the woods Naturparks, in the Haard, in the south Münsterland, one encounters the Jammertal Golf and Spa Resort. The fresh, cheerful ambience of the 4-star wellness hotel offers beauty, massages and sports programs in addition to the extensive bathing and sauna area.
Redder Str. 421, 45711 Dates

Jupp der Erlebnisgarten
Located directly on the south bank of the Haltern reservoir under the dense canopy of the forest, the adventure garden invites you to linger in a rustic, Bavarian, ultra-modern atmosphere.
Hullerner Str. 107, 45721 Haltern am See

Kletterwald Borken- naturally moved!
A beautiful climbing forest with 87 elements in 10 courses at a height of 3-12 meters awaits climbers of all ages. A highlight is the 110m final cable car from the forest over the Borkenhe Aa to the open field. Adventure programs, outdoor training and team events can also be booked.
Pröbstinger Busch 16, 46325 Borken

Beckmann grain distillery
The family business employs over 50 people Münsterländer specialties in our own grain distillery. Be won over by the many years of experience and the outstanding quality of the products from the Beckmann distillery.
Mühlenweg 7, 48734 Reken

Creative farm Lehmberg

Art - nature - living: vacation and creativity united!
As a guest in the apartment you will find a large ground floor accommodation with a terrace and garden (dogs are allowed by arrangement). As a course participant, we offer workshops on creative, nature and art topics. Spontaneous guests are welcome to visit the themed gardens and exhibitions (w. March and October) and cyclists on tour can take a dry break here. There are individual, creative and nature-loving offers for all generations and groups. We are particularly proud of the UNESCO certification of our dye garden project by sevengardens as a place of education for sustainable development (ESD).
Lehmberg 4, 46499 Hamminkeln-Dingden

Kreisreiterverband Recklinghausen eV.
Driving clubs in the Recklinghausen district and the cities of Bottrop, Gelsenkirchen and Herne form the Recklinghausen eV District Equestrian Association. A special focus of the association's work is the promotion of team sports.
Rüttenscheider Strasse 143, 45130 Essen

LWL Roman Museum
Located on a historical site where one of the most important Roman military complexes in Germania on the right bank of the Rhine was located more than 2000 years ago, the Roman Museum is now located. Over 1.200 exhibits testify to the highly developed culture of the Romans and make the peak of Roman power in Germania tangible.
Weseler Str. 100, 45721 Haltern am See

Lembeck Castle Museum
The castle park offers numerous visitors natural and cultural experiences. The castle museum gives an insight into the life of the Westphalian landed gentry of the past centuries. The local history museum on the top floor of the main castle shows a great variety of everyday objects from rural life of bygone times.
Schloss 2, 46286 Dorsten-Lembeck

Wasserburg Museum in Anholt
The Museum Wasserburg Anholt offers a picture collection on an exhibition area of ​​1.500 m², which is considered to be the largest, historically grown private picture collection with over 700 paintings in North Rhine-Westphalia.
Schloss 1, 46419 Isselburg-Anholt

Nature Experience School
We offer team and leadership training for companies, extracurricular education for associations and youth organizations, complementary educational offers for schools and colleges as well as nature experience in the elementary sector.
Weidengrund 30, 46348 Raesfeld

Nature promotion company for the district Borken
"Not against each other, but with each other - for the good of nature in our Westmünsterland homeland" is the motto of the nature development society district Borken.

Nature conservation and support association Gescher/Hochmoor eV
The purpose of the association is the care and maintenance of the nature reserves Fürstenkuhle, Kuhlenvenn and Berkelaue. The association sees itself as a link between the nature conservation authorities Borken and other institutions.
Josef Schüring, Alter Postweg 41, 48712 Gescher
Telephone: 02542/4737, Mail: Josef.Schuerig (at)

Naturwildpark Granat
Experience wild animals on a mountainous, richly forested area of ​​over 600.000 square meters. An experience for young and old as well as for nature lovers and amateur filmmakers.
Granatstrasse 626, 45721 Haltern am See

Freedom24 GmbH Co. KG
Historical flair and picturesque ambience make your celebration an unforgettable experience. Stylish menus or hearty knights' feasts, your stay here will be an entertaining, unforgettable pleasure.
Freiheit 24, 46348 Raesfeld

Nordic Fitness Team eV.
Introductory courses in Nordic Walking with professional trainers in beautiful surroundings, nutrition and relaxation courses, open Nordic Walking meetings in the heart of the Naturparks
Lavesumer Strasse 3, 45721 Haltern

Böckenhoff fruit distillery
In the 6th generation, noble brandies are distilled from high quality, handpicked, regional fruit on the farm between Dorsten and Kirchhellen. Only selected, fully ripe fruits are processed into fine fruit brandies using modern technology and precise handwork.
Kirchhellener Allee 143 a, 46282 Dorsten

Fruit press van Nahmen GmbH & Co. KG
You will find the taste of old, almost forgotten types of fruit in the single-variety fruit juices from the fruit press van Nahmen KG. Whether made from tropical or local fruit, every sip is a special kind of taste experience.
Diersfordter Str. 27, 46499 Hamminkeln

Otto Pankok Foundation

The Otto Pankok Foundation, founded in 1968, is dedicated to the artistic life's work of the draftsman, graphic artist and sculptor Otto Pankok (1893–1966). The purpose of the foundation is to preserve, maintain and make the artist's work accessible. This is what the exhibition in Otto-Pankok-Museum in Haus Esselt and the temporary loan of his works to museums.

The foundation is - like the museum management Otto-Pankok-Museums also - in the listed Esselt House in Hünxe am Niederrhein home. The artist lived there with his family after his retirement from 1958 until his death in 1966.

Pension cooler
As a guest, you are welcome to travel by horse in a familiar atmosphere to explore the local recreation area “Die Haard”. The horses are accommodated. There is a 200km long network of bridle paths at your disposal. In the evening you can end the day with a barbecue or let yourself be pampered in the rustic riding room.
Schulstrasse 33, 45770 Marl

Splendid lamas
Llamas up close - therapies, hikes, and an unforgettable animal and nature experience for more self-confidence, motivation and joy. For individuals, companies, teams and people with disabilities.
Michaelstrasse 9, 48734 Reken

Quarzwerke GmbH
The quartz movements support the Naturpark, because the environment and nature have a high priority for us.
Quarzwerkstrasse 160, 45721 Haltern

Rent-a-Poet - creative literature marketing
Sensitization and motivation of children and young people to write their own in school and leisure time, imparting creative writing techniques, promoting reading and imparting media skills through accompanying press work.
Ralf Paprotta, On the island 10, 46348 Raesfeld

Rhein.-Westf. Tow hunting club, Wesel
The sport of hunting in the Rheinisch-Westfälischer Schleppjagdverein is characterized by its responsibility towards people and animals and a right approach to nature.

Salzwohnungsgesellschaft Westfalen mbH & Co. KG
Every year, the Westphalia Salt Extraction Company extracts more than two million tons of table salt between Gronau and Ahaus. At a depth of 1.000 to 1.400 meters, the 200 to 400 meter thick stretches out here niederrheinic salt pan. Bringing nature and salt extraction into harmony is an important concern of the SGW. The company therefore relies, among other things, on the creation of biologically valuable compensation areas.

Cultural Landscape Foundation
The purpose and goal of the foundation is to protect the historically grown cultural landscape of the Westmünsterlandto maintain, maintain and develop it. It fulfills this task through various measures and means. The Cultural Landscape Foundation Borken is a non-profit foundation under civil law.

Stiftsquelle, Johann Spielmann GmbH
It is part of the company's philosophy to preserve nature for future generations. In addition to a wide range of products based on natural mineral water, the company also offers the organic mineral water brand “Landmarke”, mineral water that is characterized by the highest water-food quality standards.
Buerer Strasse 368, 46282 Dorsten

Stimberg Camping
Camping Stimberg is nestled in a romantic meadow valley and framed by a beautiful mixed forest. Here you will find ideal conditions for a lot of peace and tranquility and at the same time an extensive range of leisure activities.
Recklinghäuserstr. 140, 45711 dates

TreeEmotion GbR
The climbing forest is wonderfully located in the immediate vicinity of the Haltern reservoir under a canopy of leaves in natural surroundings. A total of 11 courses with 115 climbing elements are available.
Hullerner Strasse, 45721 Haltern am See

Tower Association Damm eV.
The "smallest public electricity museum in the world". Anyone who drives through Damm on the B58 has definitely seen it: the white power tower on Elsenberg, on which the Damm's landmark is emblazoned: the ox.

Fresh air and an unobstructed view of the country - and you have a vacation from everyday life. You will be welcomed and pampered on our farm.

Vennekenweg 29, 46348 Raesfeld

Vogelsang Foundation
The non-profit nature conservation foundation supports the preservation and development of one of our most important resources: the landscape! The foundation is based on the beautifully situated baroque manor house Vogelsang in Datteln. Since 2010 we have dedicated ourselves to nature and landscape protection as well as environmental education.
Vogelsangweg 21-23, 45711 Datteln

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Naturpark High mark
Tourist Info in NaturparkhouseTiergarten Schloss Raesfeld
Tiergarten 1
46348 Raesfeld
Phone: 02865 – 609110