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Naturparkhouse Steveraue

Naturparkhaus Steveraue is under construction.
A former barn is being converted and extensively refurbished as a tourist information center.
There will also be a newly designed exhibition on the subject of “Nature in the Steverau”.
The opening is planned for the 2022 season (around May).
You can find more information about the stevedores at




NaturparkHouse Steveraue Olfen
Tourist Info Olfen

Kökelsumer Strasse 64

59399 Olfen

Tel.: 02595-3890



Click here for the digital themed trail for schoolchildren:

At the meeting point in the old barn of the Füchtelner Mühle, in the new one Naturparkhaus Olfen, the biparcours starts directly at the Stever - and this is also where the round ends. A film is used to illustrate what can later be discovered in nature. The path first leads in the direction of the Füchtelner Mühle. The road is carefully crossed at the point where there is a gravel path on the opposite side. The goal: the two large stone blocks. It is possible to walk down to the water and from there you have a nice view of the back of the mill.

With many interesting guessing and knowledge questions, but also tasks for handicrafts and trying out, the biparcours invites young and old to join in and have fun.

Who is there?

  • Download the free BIPARCOURS app:
    Apple Store, Google Play Store, APK file
  • Open the app.
  • On the app screen, select "Scan Code" and point the camera at the launch guide code. You will be automatically taken to the start screen of the course.

For information: The use of the Biparcours app is reserved exclusively for pupils. 







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Naturpark High mark
Tourist Info in Naturparkhouse, ?Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld
zoo 1
46348 Raesfeld?
Phone: 02865 - 60910?