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Cycling - Local bike tours

cycling through this Münsterland, the Niederrhein or through the Ruhr area? We have put together a selection of the most beautiful bike tours for you. Choose your tour.

Niederrhein Northern Ruhr area Münsterland

Lively nature around Haltern

Water, forest and meadows - on this bike tour you will experience the diversity of the landscape! On 44 km you are offered extensive forest areas, rural cultural landscape, heathland and moorland.


Dülmen R10: Terrestrial Planet

Roam the Münsterländer Parkland north of Dülmen to 43 km!

You will experience the Welter Bach nature reserve, which is used by over 100 species of birds as a breeding and hunting ground as well as a resting place.

On the way through the Roruper Mark it even gets hilly, but this is noticeable at the highest point ...


Bocholt cycle route "Parks & Pättkes"

Just a quick jump to the Netherlands? And that with “de Fiets”? No problem from Bocholt.


Coesfeld heathland nature experience

Are you looking for a cycle route away from the usual tours? Exciting and with little challenges? Into the desert or high up?

Cycle Route 91 over the Hunsberg, the highest point in the sandy area of ​​the Coesfelder Heide. You will pass the Kuhlenvenn nature reserve, where you can look out for curlews and …


Milchradweg Hünxe-Schermbeck

Get to know the Ku (h) ltur landscape - Explore nature and find out where one of our most popular foods comes from.


5 Hearts Tour Reken

Nature lovers and bird lovers will get their money's worth here! The black route of the 5-hearts-tours takes you 20 km from one nature reserve to the next.


Feuchtwiesen und Bäche – Dorstener Norden

This route takes you 44 km along wet meadows, moors and streams. You roam a cultural landscape that has been inhabited for thousands of years and whose various uses as arable and pasture land, commercial forest and for water management have left visible traces.


natural spaces around Rhede

Whether scary over the moor or on a journey through time in the Büngerner-Dingdener Heide - You have the choice. This route takes you on two circuits (30 km and 28 km) to experience nature all around Rhede.


worth seeing Borken - Circuit around the Pröbstingsee

Not only the lakes are worth seeing here! Although water is the connecting element on this 33 km long circular route, you can also expect historical buildings, idyllic nature and even an observatory along the way.


Cycle path all around Olfen

Would you like to, Olfen get to know better? Then you can start on your journey 33 km “all around Olfen".

Lush meadows, shady avenues, small woods, a foretaste of the unique Steveraue, the 2Stromland, places to stop for refreshments steeped in history and numerous vantage points await you.

D ...


Lüdinghausen: To the BorkenBergen

Pure nature - 51 km that will lead you to European nature reserves!

all around Lüdinghausen you can discover stately castles and palaces as well as relaxing natural landscapes.

The north-west route of the cloverleaf tours, for example, leads away Lüdinghausen in the nature reserves of the region and through the…


From bell-makers and peat cutters

You can hang that on the big bell - an adventure tour over Velen and Gescher! This 30 km circuit takes you on a journey to high moorlands, the art of bell foundry and nature experiences rich in birds.


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