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Animals - animals as landscape maintenance

Grazing animals enliven the local landscape. But they can do much more: they can save rare species or secure dykes, for example. Here you will find examples of landscape maintenance with grazing animals from the Naturpark High mark.

Konik horses

Partner for the preservation of open landscapes. The Konik (Equus ferus caballus) is an original, very frugal Polish landrace that was mainly used in agriculture. It is still very close to the archetype of the Central European horse, the extinct Tarpan.

Typical characteristics of Konik horses: coat colors in shades of gray ...

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Heck cattle

Heck cattle - robust descendants of the aurochs. The aim of the Heck brothers was to breed a cattle that corresponds to the progenitor of today's domestic cattle, the aurochs.

This is how Heck cattle (Bos primigenius) came about in the 1920s, a breed of domestic cattle that is known to be disease-resistant, hardy and cold-tolerant.

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Scottish highland cattle

Known for their good nature. Long orange fur and curved horns, these are the trademarks of the Scottish Highland cattle (Bos taurus). However, with their eye-catching appearance, they are not only pretty to look at.

The highland cattle are well suited for extensive grazing under natural conditions and can defy wind and weather even in barren areas ...

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water buffalo

Landscape maintenance by profession. What is not obvious at first glance: Through their behavior, water buffalo (Bubalus arnee) help to preserve the habitat of many species.

The impressive weight of the mammals is 400 – 1200kg. They are active during the day and at dusk, are herd animals and herbivores. They live 15-25 years. Water buffalo can only...

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Poitou donkey

The heaviest donkey in the world. The Poitou donkey (French: Baudet du Poitou) is an endangered large donkey breed that is named after the Poitou area (Poitou-Charentes region, capital Poitiers) in western France. The breed has been known since the 11th century, but probably originated earlier. It was common in south-west France. Today, however, there are only a few Reinzuc ...

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