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Naturpark High mark

Right at the interface between Münsterland, Niederrhein and the northern Metropole Ruhr lies the Naturpark Hohe Mark in North Rhine-Westphalia:
A small glacial sandstone hill country; the Hohe Mark serves as the namesake. This wooded ridge forms one of the largest contiguous forest areas north of the Metropole Ruhr and is, with the exception of a few smaller peasant communities, almost uninhabited.

… this is by far not everything. Our Naturpark Hohe Mark offers many temptations in the green nature, in amazing proximity to the human settlement area. Here you can set off in the urban area of ​​NRW and reach the nature reserve through the green without interruption - Affair in Greens we call our small and large nature experiences right next door. And all on an area of ​​1977,81 km².

Naturpark Hohe Mark means discovering diversity and experiencing nature – at local rates!

Meadows and pastures alternating with hedges, groups of trees and heathland characterize the park landscape Münsterlandit in Naturpark High mark.

The many large forest areas are home to lowland areas and hilly areas with many retreats for native wild animals.

Then the water landscape - formed by lake panoramas, sheltered river meadows, small rivers, streams and the extensive meadows of the Niederrheins.

And finally the northern edge of the "Revier" with its landscapes shaped by human intervention. Here nature takes over more and more areas in fascinating spectacles Naturpark back in NRW.

We invite you to explore the different landforms of the Naturpark Hohe Mark and discover the local wildlife.

You will find an interesting selection of offers on this page.

You can make further discoveries on the spur of the moment. Larger and smaller adventure rooms are waiting everywhere, often right on your doorstep. Just take a look - welcome!












We are qualitynaturpark...

The quality offensive Naturparke is from Verband Deutscher Naturparke e.V. (VDN) ( in close coordination with the Naturparkdeveloped and constantly updated.

The central aim of this quality offensive is to Naturparkto provide a tool for self-assessment and continuous improvement. By evaluating these criteria, the quality of the work is made measurable. It relates to the areas

  • Management and organization
  • Nature conservation and landscape management
  • Recreation and sustainable tourism
  • Environmental education and communication
  • Sustainable regional development

The Naturpark Hohe Mark is a qualitynaturpark and was recognized as such for the first time in 2010.



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Naturpark High mark
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46348 Raesfeld
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