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Exhibition “On the Trail of Nature”

Families with children aged 4-12 are welcome in our exhibition “On the trail of nature”.
Many interactive stations and an accompanying booklet await nature enthusiasts.

The permanent exhibition on the upper floor of the Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld is something to participate in and touch: listening and hands-on stations convey knowledge about nature, wild animal exhibits show the local animals.


Im dazugehörigen Ausstellungsbegleitheft „Der Natur auf der Spur – Wer ist der schlauste Fuchs?“ begleitet „Förster Martin“ Kira und Jonas durch den Tiergarten Schloß Raesfeld. Dort kannst du etwas über den Lebensraum  Wald, seine Bewohner erfahren und über Dinge, die sich der Mensch von der Natur abgeschaut hat. Du bekommst auch einen kleinen Einblick in die Geschichte des Tiergarten Schloß Raesfeld.

“On the Trail of Nature” is a permanent exhibition with an integrated school laboratory, which is organized in collaboration with the Schloß Raesfeld Zoo, the educational group Borken and the Naturpark Hohe Mark was developed - supported by the ESD regional center of the NLW Foundation in the spirit of education for sustainable development (ESD) incorporating the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.



Film about the exhibition and the PhänomexX school laboratory






Visiting the exhibition in the front area is possible during opening hours Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld open.


The booklet accompanying the exhibition is in Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld erhältlich oder du kannst es hier ausdrucken:  “On the trail of nature – who is the smartest fox”



Extracurricular place of learning in and on Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld


This is for schools Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld a venue of PhänomexX, an extracurricular school laboratory in which scientific teaching is promoted in an exemplary manner and school learning is supplemented.

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Naturpark High mark
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