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Inclusive cultural adventure trail at Raesfeld Castle

A walk around the Raesfeld moated castle on well-developed paths. There are also listening and tactile stations with information on the history of the castle and its current use.

The inclusive cultural adventure trail is a beautiful circular route around the outer bailey, leads through freedom to the castle courtyard and from the castle to the NaturparkHouse.
You walk along the moats with a view of the castle. If you want to enjoy a moment longer: a bench on the Culture Experience Trail invites you to linger.




There is one for students


What did the castle look like in the Middle Ages? What exactly is a cornice? How are the numerous rooms of the historical monument used today? What does a carpentry workshop look like? The Inclusive Culture Experience Trail answers these and other exciting questions. During the walk, students learn a lot about the interesting history of the castle and what is still happening here today. There are also training workshops for restoration work in the rooms of the castle. All information is also available as information text read aloud. The path is barrier-free throughout, so that all 11 STOPS can be easily reached even with a wheelchair. There, the students are sometimes encouraged to touch, listen and consciously smell so that they can remember the castle with as many senses as possible. Maybe just looking at the workshops will spark an interest in becoming a restorer.


Tourist Info im Naturparkhouse

Tiergarten 1

46348 Raesfeld

Telephone: 02865 - 60910

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Naturpark High mark
Tourist Info in NaturparkhouseTiergarten Schloss Raesfeld
Tiergarten 1
46348 Raesfeld
Phone: 02865 – 609110