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"Focus on teamwork" -cooperation and adventure games for team development- (advanced training)

20. May 2022, 17: 00 - 21:00

Practical seminar: interaction games and adventurous problem-solving tasks for team development and communication in groups

Friday 20th and Saturday 21st May 2022

Many a problem can be solved purely logically with the mind. Stored thought content is retrieved and applied to the task. A crossword puzzle, for example, is purely a "mind game". It wouldn't be solved faster if we linked each search term to a specific experience...

However, when coping with most of the tasks of everyday life, leisure time and professional life, we fall back on past experiences that arose from a practical dealing with the respective topics. The experienced carpenter planning a cabinet will not need to do any structural calculations to know how many hinges the doors will need or how strong the side walls should be at a minimum.

When it comes to living together and working together with other people, we draw on past experiences from family, clubs and work. However, people often react differently than expected. Or what happens in the group develops an unknown dynamic.

The so-called problem-solving tasks from experiential education are primarily used to further develop teams. Authentic or pedagogically staged tasks are assigned to the group. The group dynamic phenomena that occur when finding a solution and the team members' behavior that is conducive to/obstructive to the team are then discussed in short reflection phases and transferred to everyday life or work.


From the content:

In the interplay of

  • many easy-to-use team exercises,
  • theoretical inputs from team research and
  • exciting reflection units

we will approach the topic on different levels.

 Further information at:


20 May 2022
17:00 - 21:00


Raesfeld Castle
Raesfeld Castle, 46348
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