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Experience hiking trails in a new way! Historical Places Wesel presents a joint funding project Naturpark Hohe Mark .

Who wouldn't want to get to know the traces of one of the oldest military systems in the region? Discover the moats of an enchanted garden or pass ancient paths along which heavily laden horse-drawn carts used to travel into the distance?

Since its official opening in 2021, the LandStreifer Diersfordter Wald-Circular route and the adjoining hiking trail Hohe Mark Steigs very popular in the area around the city of Wesel.

But there is even more to experience there than the often fascinating natural impressions along the way: This is where a funding project from “Historical Places” in the culture department of the city of Wesel comes into play, which is carried out in collaboration with the administration of the Naturparks Hohe Mark from Raesfeld was implemented. Waymarks on the LandStreifer / Hohe Mark Steig near Wesel is the title of the new flyer, which presents five historical landmarks on and in the immediate vicinity of these hiking trails in two languages ​​(German/English).

The content is largely based on the research of Wesel local researcher Peter Bruns, who also created the map reproduced in the flyer. It shows the traditions and relics of the historical landmarks presented in the north of the Hanseatic city. The exact location of the specified points can be determined using QR codes that lead to the corresponding locations on the Internet service provider Google Maps. So you can be guided to the exact locations not only on foot, but also in many places by bike. Here, hills or paths in and around the forest that were often barely noticed before become real local experiences of history!

The texts on the historical landmarks are deliberately easy to understand and in the style of LandStreifer-Circular routes kept. They were given by Dr. Barbara Rinn-Kupka from Historical places Wesel written together with Peter Bruns.


The project was supported by funding from the Münster district government using funds from the nature conservation funding guidelines of the Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Transport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. The flyer was printed on FSC®-certified recycled paper with CO2 compensation. It is intended to raise awareness of the special features of nature, as well as preserved historical natural landscapes.

In the future, the flyer will also be available for download on the city's homepage under "Historical Places", and the long versions of the texts can also be read there.

Not all locations in the flyer are accessible to people with physical limitations; more detailed information can be found in the route guidance provided by the navigation services. It is certainly also a good guide for an Easter trip with children or grandchildren and is now also available from WeselMarketing GmbH in the city information, at the city archives, in the Hanseforum in the Berliner Tor, in the city itself and in the Schill casemate.

The flyer is addressed to everyone who feels addressed and whose “spirit of discovery” also accepts the often barely or invisible traces of history.







City of Wesel

FB 43 Wesel City Archives

Head Julia Plötzgen

Contact person

Historical places

Barbara Rinn-Kupka

Tel 0281 / 203-2545



in collaboration with

Management Naturpark High mark

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