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No. 145-High Ward

Location: Hikers' car park at the corner of Wilhelmstr./Hohe Wardweg

PDF hiking map

No. 146-Kürbaum

Location: Bergerstrasse car park Kürbaum

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No. 147-Wilhelmstr.

Location: Wilhelmstr. Hiking parking lot

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No. 148- Tester Mountains

Location: End of tarred street, branch off Dinslakener Str. (9), (opposite Kirchstr.)

PDF hiking map

No. 149-Hardtberg

Location: Hardtberg hiking car park

PDF hiking map

No. 150-Burshof

Location: Klever Str. or parking lot Am Lickenberg

PDF hiking map

No. 151-Town Hall Hünxe

Location: On the market square

PDF hiking map

No. 153-Krudenburg

Location: Parking lot at Haus Krudenburg (old harbor)

PDF hiking map

No. 154 Pan Hut

Location: Hiking car park on Pfannhüttenstr. / Corner of Bühler Stege

PDF hiking map

No. 155-Schwarzenstein

Location: Schwarzenstein Weg car park, Schwarzensteiner Weg / Krudenburger Weg

PDF hiking map

No. 157-Gartop Castle

Location: Gahlenerstr., parking lot opposite the entrance to the castle

PDF hiking map

No. 159-Drevenack

Location: End of tarred street, branch off Dinslakener Str. (9), (opposite Kirchstr.)

PDF hiking map

No. 160-Am Barnum

Location: Hiking car park just before the Wesel-Dattel Canal bridge / former Nelskamp brickworks

PDF hiking map

No. 161-Loosenberge Hünxe

Location: Drevenack/Hünxe On the B58

PDF hiking map

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