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Press release: See, experience and discover owls

Exhibition opening on Naturparkhouse nature conservation center Coesfeld district


Who has ever seen a tawny owl? Who has any idea how big an owl is? At the Alter Hof Schoppmann in Nottuln-Darup, the guests of the Naturparks Hohe Mark the opportunity to better experience and discover the protected area and its animal inhabitants. For this purpose, the artist Waltraud Hustermeier made life-size bronze models of the owl family, which can now be seen in the outdoor area of ​​the nature conservation center.


Owls and Co vividly support the new school program on the subject of owls funded as part of the “Education for Sustainable Development” campaign. Here, students can see the nocturnal birds of prey and explore their habitat and way of life. You will also learn what human behavior can help protect the owl's habitat.


In addition, the owl family is brought closer to the guests via a new, digital quiz, which provides school children aged 6-12 in particular with a lot of interesting facts about the animals. The starting point of this digital quiz is the Hanloer Mark hiking car park near the Alter Hof Schoppmann. With the help of the Biparcours app and a QR code, the children are guided through a course and see fascinating owls, gurgling springs and ancient sandstone. You will receive questions, tasks and suggestions to deal with your environment. The fact that there is a distribution of points by which they can compete with their friends increases the excitement and motivates! "Experiencing the connection between nature up close and the appropriate, digitally prepared explanations is fun for the young users and at the same time imparts knowledge that is close to nature," says Dagmar Beckmann from Naturpark Hohe Mark Sich.






Background knowledge:

In addition to recreation, another important task of the Naturpark Hohe Mark environmental education and education for sustainable development. In order to make the knowledge transfer more attractive, the six life-size owl sculptures were installed. As a sub-project, these were carried out via the “Welcome to the Waldband“ implemented with the help of grants from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia using funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Funding for the entire project amounts to a good €179.800.

The digital quiz is part of the "Experience nature - digitally explained" project, which is part of the NRW state competition Naturpark 2021 from Naturpark Hohe Mark was initiated. It is funded by the district government of Münster with funds from the nature conservation funding guideline - FöNa - of the Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Consumer Protection of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia with a total of around €65.000. In addition to the digital nature trail in Darup and other sub-projects, five other digital nature trails are being created throughout Naturpark.


© Ulla Wolanewitz

Together with the district administrator of the district of Coesfeld, Dr. Christian Schulze-Pellengahr and the mayor of Nottuln, Dr. Dietmar Thönnes open Dagmar Beckmann as managing director of the Naturparks Hohe Mark, Dr. Thomas Wenning as board member and Thomas Zimmermann as head of the nature conservation center in the district of Coesfeld are promoting this new nature experience element and are free to try it out. The fourth class of the primary school in Darup and their teacher Ms. Wember, who are invited to this event, have the first opportunity to do this!




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