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Naturparkhouse Olfen opened as a tourist, information and educational facility

"Compliment - the house has become a real gem!"

 "I can only say: compliments! The Naturparkhouse Olfen has become a real gem as a tourist, information and educational institution. Ansgar Scheipers was one of the 80 or so invited guests who was delighted at the opening of the Naturparkto be able to be there at home. In his opening speech, he attested to the Olfenern inventiveness, flexibility, determination and perseverance in their efforts to shape the Olfenhe West with the clear goal of environmental educational utilization. "For the entire ensemble with the natural kindergarten, Füchtelner Mühle and Naturparksuccess is guaranteed. Go on like that!"


Hohe Mark Steig starts in Olfen

"The Naturparkhouse in Olfen is the seventh house of this kind in the Naturpark High mark. Here in Olfen begins the Hohe Mark Steig, which goes as far as Wesel and which has now been awarded 4 stars Hohe Mark Radroute also leads past this new facility," says Dagmar Beckmann, the managing director of the Naturparks High Mark Westmünsterland eV is to which also Olfen heard. "We are very pleased that Olfen thus another and particularly successful milestone in the Naturpark has created."


The focal point for nature experiences

“This house, with its information and value as a place to stay, should be the hub for nature experiences in and around Olfen be. We have also relocated other cycle routes so that they can be Olfener Naturparkpass the house. Here you can learn, get information and also start on raft trips and other activities," said Mayor Wilhelm Sendermann at the opening. “But of course we also look forward to all visitors who make a detour to our city center from here.


There is already interest in the new Naturparkhouse very big. “We are proud to have breathed new life into the former warehouse and stable building with great attention to detail. With its house-in-house concept, it should be simple, valuable and, above all, interesting for visitors. I think we've succeeded," said Sendermann. “A big project for a small town like Olfen, which will be worthwhile.” At the end, tourism in Olfen keep moving forward cautiously. "Quality instead of quantity remains our motto," says Sendermann. The cost of remodeling and setting up the Naturparkhouse, which now greets all guests with a large photo point in front of the door, amounted to a total of 2,1 million euros, 80 percent of which was funded by EU funds from the European Regional Development Fund. Sendermann's special thanks go to Dr. Ansgar Scheipers and thus to the district government of Münster, which is the responsible funding authority Olfen have supported intensively.

Everyone who had participated in this extraordinary project in various ways was invited to the opening ceremony. These included Alexander Musholt from the architects' office Farwick und Grote, Dominik Bodem from "Bodem Baumanagement + Architektur", representatives of the company erlebnisplan Deutschland GmbH, consultant Dr. Uwe Koenzen from the planning office Koenzen - water and landscape, the executing construction, gardening and landscaping companies such as the company Dirks and also representatives of the carpentry Zolnir Olfen. Knowledge carriers such as the raft drivers and photographers were also invited, who were primarily involved in the content of the exhibition.



22 kilometers of wooden slats

“Unbelievable but true: the Zolnir company alone planed and varnished 22 kilometers of wooden slats for the design system. My thanks to everyone who made this possible Naturparkhouse has become a jewel," says Mayor Sendermann. On this day, he was particularly grateful to the volunteers and in particular to the raft drivers, who meticulously shared their knowledge of the information content of the adventure exhibition Steveraue made available and have spent many hours of research. This information was the basis for the successfully implemented experience staging by the company erlebnisplan Deutschland GmbH.


As part of the opening, Wilhelm Sendermann explained some of the background and the development of the company to the guests Naturparkhouse. "The transformation of Olfenhe west as an overall concept is one of the most important projects in our city at the moment, in which nature plays a major role. That's why we decided not to build a campsite and left many parts of the landscape to themselves. With targeted measures such as the construction of the natural kindergarten with the one right next to it Naturparkhouse, we attach great importance to using it in a way that is compatible with nature and, in addition, to educational opportunities for environmental education," says the mayor. Whether nature kindergarten or Naturparkhaus: Here you can learn from childhood that nature is beautiful but above all worth protecting.


Further projects planned

Not all plans are for the yet Olfenhe west completed. A mobile home parking space, a small hotel, a wedding room, a club building for the fishing club and a new raft pier are still on the agenda. "We won't let go until everything is finished and everything fits together," promises Sendermann.

With the completion of the Naturparkhouse, he now has the sincere wish that this new building with all its contents touches and reaches people, because that is ultimately the real goal of the Naturparkhouse.

“Every visitor now has the opportunity to obtain detailed information and learn a lot about the Steveraue and Olfen to learn altogether. Children and families in particular will be enthusiastic about the designed experience and information area.”

Confirmation and key handover

Before the doors were opened to the public on the day of the official opening ceremony, the pastors Ulrich Franke and Thorsten Melchert from the Catholic St. Vitus congregation and the Protestant Christ congregation had the important task of blessing the new house. Alexander Musholt then officially handed over the key to the mayor on behalf of the architects Dagmar Grote and Heiner Farwick from the office farwick+grote.

Information, games and a photo point

“From now on we invite all citizens and all guests to make the house their own. It all starts with the new photo point in front of the house, which is sure to provide plenty of souvenir photos with the Poitou donkey, Heck cattle and Konik horse. A film about the life and beauty of Steveraue in the "Nestkino", jigsaw puzzles and fishing games, lots of information and interactive elements about life above and below water and the numerous large and small ones SteveraueResidents await visitors inside. I promise: It's worth it," says Eva Beckmann, the city's tourism officer Olfen with the support of her team for all matters related to this Naturparkhouse is responsible.

Das Naturparkhaus Steveraue is open from April to October, Wednesday to Sunday and on public holidays from 10.00 a.m. to 16.00 p.m


During this time you can also rent e-bikes or Scroosers, book raft trips and guided tours or buy event tickets. Plus, it lasts NaturparkWe also have a variety of souvenirs available to give away or buy as a souvenir.

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