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Call for Bioblitz 2023 – report insects

Recklinghausen, June 07.06.2023th, XNUMX

 Call for Bioblitz 2023 – report insects

Contribute to research on this group of animals by searching for insects

district of Recklinghausen. It has long been known that the number and diversity of insects is decreasing drastically. It is all the more important to observe this development in order to be able to develop and implement suitable measures for nature and species protection. By reporting insects to or in the “ObsIdentify” app, nature lovers in the Recklinghausen district make a significant contribution to research into this group of animals and get to know nature on their own doorstep. That is why the biological station and the lower nature conservation authority of the Recklinghausen district, together with the nature observation platform and the regional partners, are calling for observation and reporting. At the same time, all those reporting will make a contribution to Bioblitz 2023. Anyone interested can take part in the Bioblitz and report not only insects, but also other observations of plants, fungi and animals within their independent city or district throughout the year.

Many observations can already be made in your own garden, especially when there is a wide range of flowers. Insects can also be observed on meadows, roadsides, on hedges and water bodies and in forests.

What is there to see? For example, butterflies such as the little fox, the little meadow bird, the forest board game and the well-known brimstone butterfly and admiral can now be observed. In the case of dragonflies, for example, there are the Adonis dragonfly and the four-spotted dragonfly. And the first stag beetles are already on their way. "The report of stag beetle finds is particularly interesting for us," says Heike Kalfhues from the Biological Station. "It helps us to better assess the population of the endangered beetle species in the Recklinghausen district and to implement protective measures. With this we would like to get under the wing of the stag beetle, because the deadwood, which is essential for the stag beetle's survival, is scarce in many forests. Trees are often felled before they become an interesting habitat for the stag beetle.”








Information on the "Bioblitz 2023" project is available on the website for those interested:

Further information at:

Those interested can find the results of the Bioblitze 2023 here:

Questions answered:

Biologische Station Kreis Recklinghausen e.V.

Ms. Heike Kalfhues

Tel: (02369) 77505

Recklinghausen district

Lower Conservation Authority

Mrs. Lisa Ellenberger


Tel: (02361) 53-6001





The stag beetle is the largest beetle in Europe. It grows up to 8 cm. In addition to its stately size, the male's enlarged upper jaw also makes it conspicuous and unmistakable. Because the upper jaw resembles a deer's antlers, it is called the stag beetle.

Photo: Heike Kalfhues




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