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Tree frog

Der Froschkönig (Hyla arborea)Most people are familiar with the tree frog from fairy tales or as a weather frog. But very few have seen it in the wild. Why is that? Because of its way of life. It is a good climber and likes to stay in bushes or trees, perfectly camouflaged by its green color.

If you want to experience the tree frog concert, you have to go to the spawning waters at dusk between May and mid-July, because only then does the multi-voiced chorus of male tree frogs begin. Incidentally, the larger the chorus, the more females are attracted.
The concert sounds very pleasant from a distance of one kilometer. But near the water, it becomes hard on the ears: the tree frog can reach a volume of 90 decibels!


Die Zeit der großen Chöre ist jedoch vielerorts vorbei, da die  ausgeräumte Landschaft nicht mehr „laubfroschgerecht“ ist.

And there is another temporal phenomenon that controls the singing of frogs: the onset of their calling activity is controlled by the brightness. In the case of strong light pollution, this can lead to changes in the calling behavior and thus to impairments in reproductive success.

The night hours are also used almost exclusively for the search for food, which mainly takes place on the ground, while the animals usually spend the day hours quietly and well camouflaged in the higher vegetation.


Call of the European tree frog

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