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Heck cattle

Heck cattle - robust descendants of the aurochs. The aim of the Heck brothers was to breed a cattle that corresponds to the progenitor of today's domestic cattle, the aurochs.

This is how the Heck cattle (Bos primigenius) emerged in the 1920s, a breed of domestic cattle that is considered disease-resistant, hardy and cold-tolerant.

Thanks to their winter fur, they can withstand temperatures of -25 ° C and can be kept outdoors all year round.


Rear bulls reach a shoulder height of up to 140cm, cows up to 130cm with a weight of approx. 600kg. Bulls can weigh up to 900kg.

Heck cattle have been used for landscape maintenance since the 1980s.

Near-natural grazing serves as a nature conservation instrument, as it preserves open areas that form a habitat for many small animal species.





Today there are between 2000 and 3000 Heck cattle in Germany.

Information on grazing with Heck cattle can be found here:



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