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Common Night Wolf

Exceptionally motherly. There are about 1000 species of spiders in Germany. Wolf spiders form a separate family among these species. The common night wolf (Trochosa terricola)The wolf spider probably got its name from the way it hunts, because it does not weave webs, but hunts by sight. Its diet consists of insects such as ground beetles, grasshoppers, fly larvae, but also other spiders

The eight eyes on the head ensure that this hunting by lying in wait works so well. Its eyesight is well developed: it has four small and four large eyes. The four large eyes are arranged like a trapezoid and are therefore a good identifying feature of wolf spiders.

Like some other wolf spiders, the common night wolf usually only goes hunting at dusk, while it rests in its hiding place during the day. It then roams its habitat as an active hunter in search of arthropods of a suitable size, which it overpowers, injects with its spider venom and digestive enzymes and then sucks out on the spot. The common night wolf is difficult to distinguish from the three other Trochosa species found in Germany, except with the help of a stereo magnifying glass.heiden, but the other species are generally rarer.

The wolf spiders' care for their offspring is particularly impressive. They attach their egg cocoons to their spinnerets and carry them around with them at all times. This is the best way to protect their offspring from enemies. They help them hatch by biting open the cocoon. Immediately afterwards, the little spiders climb onto their mother's back and let her carry them around. Up to a hundred little wolf spiders cling to their mother's hair, often sitting in several layers on top of each other and feeding on her egg yolk. During this time, the wolf spider refrains from hunting in order to avoid danger.

Spiders are very sensitive to fluctuations in the environment. The numerous species have very different requirements for their habitat. It is therefore possible that even the smallest changes in the environment can be recognized in their behavior.

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