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Perfect camouflage. Forleule (Panolis flammea) , also called the pine moth, is a rather small moth with a wingspan of 30-40mm. The coloring of the moth's front wings is relatively colorful and contrasting and includes cinnamon-red, yellow-brown and gray-brown elements. The characteristic white spots are striking.

The habitat of the pine owl coincides with the distribution area of ​​the pine tree. The pine tree is widespread in the drier forest areas of the Dingden Heath and with it the attractive butterfly, whose caterpillars can, however, cause massive damage to the pine trees if they multiply too much. Forleuelen forms one generation per year.
The nocturnal butterflies fly from March to June, with the species' main flight period being April and May. Caterpillars are usually found in August.

The adult caterpillars can then be found on the old needles of the pine tree, where they are perfectly camouflaged and difficult to recognize due to their striped pattern and elongated body shape.
Because of its characteristic markings, the Pine Owl cannot be confused with any other species of owl butterfly.

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