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Raft trips on the Stever

A special kind of water trip. Drift with the raft through the wild nature on the Stever, let your soul dangle and enjoy the unique view. These raft trips make your leisure activities adventurous!

An experienced steverau guide accompanies you on the raft through the Steveraue Olfen. Here you can find out something about how it was built, its inhabitants and the extraordinary landscape.

120ha of nature, which is increasingly being transformed into a pristine meadow landscape. Storks, kingfishers, wild geese, sand martins, herons and numerous small animals and insects are its inhabitants.

Visitors find their way to the Steveraue, which has interesting flora and fauna, historical buildings and modern, extraordinary building botany to offer every day and every season.

You can book private raft trips with participants of up to 15 people or take part in one of the public trips on the Stever.





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