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BNE-Regionalzentrum in Zwillbrock

ESD regional center for the West Nature and Landscape Foundationmünsterland

The West Nature and Landscape Foundationmünsterland (NLW Foundation) has been active in the areas of biotope and species protection and environmental education since it was founded in 2004 - with a clear commitment to the West regionmünsterlandeg.

Since April 2019, the NLW Foundation has also been in cooperation with the Bildungswerk der Biologische Station Zwillbrock eV and the district Borken as Regional center in the state network "Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)" accepted. The BNE regional center is responsible for the entire district Borken and is committed to the topic of "education for sustainable development" in very different ways.

Both the extracurricular learning location in Zwillbrock, which has also been the district’s learning workshop since the start of the cooperation project Borken is, as well as the learning workshops Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld and Biotopwildpark Anholter Schweiz, receive intensive support from the ESD regional center in the design and implementation of their educational programs for school classes. The schools in the district Borken As a result, a comprehensive range of ESD training programs on different topics is available at three locations.

Another important task of the ESD regional center is Support to schools in the implementation of the Guideline Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and the professional support of the schools in participating in the NRW state program "School of the Future". Schools that take part or would like to take part in the NRW state program “School of the Future” will find support at the ESD regional center, for example in the form of advice on planned teaching projects. In addition, local student academies and ESD advanced training modules for teachers are offered and carried out by the ESD regional center. The state program will start in a new period in autumn 2020.


Promote diversity and shape the future together:

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) enables everyone to understand the effects of their own actions on the world and to make responsible decisions.

Promote diversity and shape the future together - we have this claim! That is why we enable adults, children and especially schoolchildren to get to know their colorful surroundings in a wide variety of events, well connected in the region. we convey knowledge, skills and attitudes and would like to empower our participants in the sense of education for Sustainable Development to act successfully yourself. Through direct experience of nature, we make connections between ecological interests, the use of natural resources and our own actions visible for current and future generations. In this way we create the basis for discussions, findings and for independent, environmentally conscious and future-oriented action.

The main topics of our ESD education programs are:

Climate protection and adaptation

Conservation and biodiversity

Aquatic ecology

experience nature

Habitats of water, moor, heather, meadow and forest

Culture and history

Your contact for further information and support:

dr Stefanie Bolting
Bettina Huening
Regina Kern

BNE-Regionalzentrum in Zwillbrock
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