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"Discover nature while playing" -holistic natural history-

29. April 2022, 17: 00 - 21:00

Practical seminar: experience, perceive and understand nature

Fri. 29.04. -Sat 30.04.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX

Anyone who wants to explain to children (but also to adults) how wonderful and diverse nature is and how it works should not create a Power Point presentation about it and should not hold excessive monologues about the ecological effects of a plant. In order to catch up with the countless natural events, a sensory and joyful approach to nature is required. Through playful and holistic methods, real interest and curiosity can be easily sparked.

In this course we will therefore experience many nature games that are fun and also serve to build up knowledge. We are sometimes in the forest and sometimes by the water. We also want to show how nature conservation projects such as building nest boxes, insect hotels or herb spirals can be implemented with groups.

From the content:

  • Nature games to build knowledge
  • Around the water
    • creek excursion
    • playing with water
    • water experiments
    • construction projects
  • Conservation Projects:
    • nest box construction
    • Insektenhotel
    • Organic gardening
    • herbal spiral


More information about the content:


29 April 2022
17:00 - 21:00


Raesfeld Castle
Raesfeld Castle, 46348
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