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Alter Hof Schoppmann, Am Hagenbach 11, 48301 Nottuln-Darup Am Hagenbach 11, Nottuln-Darup, Germany

The Baumberger Apple Festival will take place at the Alter Hof Schoppmann on Sunday, September 24, 2023 from 11 a.m. to 17 p.m. In addition to the coveted determination of varieties with a variety exhibition of the coveted fruit, […]

Power source forest - forest bathing

Probstinger Busch Probstinger Busch 16, Borken, NRW, Germany

Forest bathing is about strengthening the health-promoting effect of the forest through targeted exercises and welcoming spring into nature. The immune system is strengthened, stress is reduced, […]

Garden market in the Bürgerpark Rhede

citizen park Rhede Vinzenzstrasse 6, Rhede

The event takes place in the heart of the Bürgerpark near the bee hotel. Bürgerpark, Vinzenzstrasse 6, 46414 Rhede The event should be as sustainable as possible. It is therefore requested bags or buckets […]

Anniversary hike "Bach story(s) in Deuten - of yoke and liberation"

Hiking car park Emmelkamper Mark on the B58 To the Vorwerk, Dorsten-Deuten, North Rhine-Westphalia

The circular route first leads to the historic Tüshaus mill, which is powered by the water of the Hambach. From there it goes through the beech bush and the idyllic Tüshaus forest to Sölten and back […]

Hiking in Naturpark Hohe Mark in the anniversary year – Habitat Baumberge

Alter Hof Schoppmann, Am Hagenbach 11, 48301 Nottuln-Darup Am Hagenbach 11, Nottuln-Darup, Germany

The D1 circular hiking trail in Nottuln Darup leads us along the edge of the Baumberge to various stations that allow us to discover what is special about the region. On the way we might meet interesting animals and […]

EXCURSION | birds on the move

Each fall a wave of south migrating birds rolls overhead. As we watch this spectacle, you will receive interesting information about the bird species involved. In front of the animals lies […]

Connected to the Wild - In the Circle of Fire

Probstinger Busch Probstinger Busch 16, Borken, NRW, Germany

Hardly any skill has influenced our lives as much as lighting a fire. At that time still immediately tangible, the importance of this ability is often forgotten nowadays. We are used to it […]

Autumn hike in the Hohe Mark

Haltern am See, Uhlenhof restaurant Holtwicker Str. 420, Haltern am See

A hike with added value! Step by step right now! During our adventurous hike through the Hohe Mark, we perceive nature with all our senses and sharpen our […]

"Metaphorism" -of symbols, stories and symbolism-

Raesfeld Castle Freedom, Raesfeld Castle

Further training in cooperation with the JFB Stadtlohn Symbolism and metaphor are of fundamental importance for people to make the world and life comprehensible, to understand them [...]

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