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"We make nature come alive" - ​​nature action day

3rd graders from Schule-am-Siedlerweg were guests at the Naturpark Hohe Mark and spent an unforgettable nature action day in the forests around Naturparkhouse in Raesfeld


In a good mood and looking forward to an outdoor event in the woods on Naturparkhouse in Raesfeld, the students and accompanying teachers from the elementary school in Oberhausen got off the bus.

After a round of introductions, the staff at the NaturErlebnisSchule reported on historical records that had recently been found in the castle. This document contained information that a significant treasure that had been looted during war operations would be in the castle woods.

Motivated and interested, the 3 c went on the journey to salvage the treasure. It quickly became clear to the children that it would not be possible to pass the upcoming climbing exercises and interaction games without mutual agreements and organized cooperation. "The children's ambition was aroused and over the course of the day the students became more and more self-confident in an environment that was largely unfamiliar to them, nature," observed Barbara Krass, an employee in the office of the Naturparks High Mark e. V.. After a joint picnic under the canopy of leaves, the treasure hunt continued with a wealth of ideas. With a lot of joy and deserved pride, the treasure chest was recovered from a small island and honestly distributed to all active treasure-seeking nature explorers. The Rod of Wisdom accompanied the children throughout the day and reminded them of values ​​such as listening, trusting, helping others and encouraging them.

The nature action day was made possible by the mediation and support of the Association of Germans Naturparke e. V., as well as through the financial participation of the company Kaufland, who have set themselves the goal of offering school classes with a high proportion of children from socially disadvantaged families a nature experience trip to a neighboring Naturpark to enable, as these children often have few opportunities for nature experience. The nature action day was organized by the Naturpark Hohe Mark e. V.











Schedule of the day:

  • 10:00 a.m. Arrival of the students and accompanying persons Naturparkhouse in Raesfeld
  • Welcome by the staff of the Nature Experience School and Barbara Krass, Naturpark Hohe Mark e. V.
  • Warm up in the circle of seats and set the rules of the game for the day. The wand of wisdom is endowed with it
  • Interactive games and team tasks at different stations in the forest
  • Picnic with bread rolls, apples, water and food you have brought with you on the forest floor
  • Successful treasure hunt on a small island that was only successful through teamwork, creativity and courage
  • Distribution of the treasure among all active nature action day participants
  • Happy farewell after a successful nature action day
  • 14:30 return to school in Oberhausen

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