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Hiking guide and overview map for the Hohe Mark Steig erschienen

press release

Enjoyable hiking in stages - hiking guide and overview map for Hohe Mark Steig erschienen

Hot off the press and in the first edition are the long-awaited hiking guide and an overview map for the Hohe Mark Steig appeared.
There is concentrated information, short descriptions and beautiful pictures on a total of 44 pages.
In terms of content, the brochure entices you to climb the trail with panoramic experiences, deer areas, a sea of ​​color and rare species.
One thing in advance: All hiking routes are easily accessible and selected hosts take care of your physical well-being. Reading the hiking trail on the trail is also easy! For orientation
there are colored trail signs.
A nice, round thing are the Landstreifer. As circular hiking trails off the beaten track, they offer everything that makes a hiker's heart beat faster.
On the website for Hohe Mark Steig there is detailed information and tips off the route as well as links to komoot for each stage and the tramps.
Print and digital complement each other perfectly: simply scan and call up the QR code in the brochure.
Those who want to travel by bus and train will find a good solution from the Ruhr area in the WuBB tours. The handy overview map provides a first impression of the climb and helps with planning your personal hiking experience.


Hiking guides and overview maps are by no means only aimed at hiking professionals! Anyone who just wants to get out into nature will appreciate the offers just as much.
Anyone who loves nature, variety and being on the go should get the Hohe Mark Steig Hike piece by piece. Loosely based on Goethe: "You have only really been where you have walked".
Per pedes, across the Naturpark Hohe Mark and across three regions: the Niederrheinwhich Münsterland and the northern Ruhr area.

Hiking guide and overview map are in all Naturpark- Tourist information available.

More information about Hohe Mark Steig can be obtained from the following link:

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