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Press release – Bee Museum and Peat Museum in Gescher will Naturpark info points

Two small pearls in the Naturpark Hohe Mark should become better known – Bee Museum and Peat Museum in Gescher will Naturpark info points

Press report from June 23.06.2022, XNUMX

Two small pearls in the Naturpark Hohe Mark should become better known

Bee Museum and Peat Museum in Gescher will Naturpark info points


With the Hohe Mark Steig and the Hohe Mark Radroute are two top-class tourist routes through the Naturpark Marked, fantastic paths through dreamy landscapes.

Now it is a matter of identifying special places, museums and other peculiarities that have interesting things to do with nature, homeland and traditions in the Naturpark Hohe Mark show or information about Naturpark hold out, or both. Places that can set accents as a stop on a tour or as a destination and that visits in the Naturpark enrich. "It's a pity that the many little pearls on nature and homeland themes in the Naturpark so little is known, we want to change that,” remarks Dagmar Beckmann, Managing Director of the Naturpark High mark.

Guests will find two such special places in Gescher. The peat museum in Hochmoor shows its guests in the old village school, which stands on an idyllic small outdoor area, how peat extraction has shaped the area around Hochmoor.

In the bee museum at the museum farm "Auf dem Braem" you can learn interesting facts about beekeeping, wild and honey bees and watch a real colony of bees at the busy work in the beehive.

"Here you can experience and get to know nature, culture and home in a direct and personal environment," says Jana Ay from City Marketing Gescher and dr Hanna Koch as cultural manager of the place.

Although the Bee Museum is currently closed due to renovation work, Marianne Teltrop and Dagmar Beckmann dated Naturpark Hohe Mark as a first step, one for each museum Naturpark Panorama map and information material on the offers of the Naturparks brought. The steles for the maps will be erected in the next few weeks. on the big one Naturpark Panoramic map gives guests a fascinating overview of the Naturpark Hohe Mark in its entirety and can provide impetus for your next stay in the Naturpark collect.

The aim of the information points is also to encourage visitors to explore nature in the Naturpark Hohe Mark to perceive it more consciously and to experience it actively. "You can do that here in Gescher in connection with the offers of the Bee and Peat Museum," says Marianne Teltrop happily.


I know wird Gescher to the welcome point and the northern entrance gate into the Naturpark, where guests can experience two great museums on nature themes and information about Naturpark to get presented.

The fact that all actors at the various information points across the Naturpark promote each other, visitors are made aware of the numerous possibilities for an eventful stay in the Naturpark High mark.

Marianne Teltrop: “We live in a holiday region, many people are not even aware of that. We're working on that Naturpark is better perceived in its entirety, we hope for an increase in the sense of togetherness of the member municipalities, which can mutually benefit from each other."


Extra information:

Opening hours peat museum: May to September 14.30 p.m. to 17.30 p.m., except on the third weekend in July

The Naturpark Hohe Mark belongs with its area of ​​1978 km2 to the biggest Naturparken in Germany. It extends from Gescher in the north to Bottrop in the south, from Isselburg in the west to Lüdinghausen in the East. Through its lead products, the Hohe Mark RadRoute and Hohe Mark Steig it has great potential for responsible, sustainable regional development. The welcome places in Naturpark are as a sub-project of the area project Waldband funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget of North Rhine-Westphalia. The projects must be completed by the end of March 2023.

Photo: people from the left

Kerstin Uphues, first councilor of the city Gescher, dr Hanna Koch, cultural manager Gescher, Jana Ay, City Marketing Gescher, Dagmar Beckmann, Managing Director Naturpark Hohe Mark, Marianne Teltrop, Deputy Manager Naturpark High mark

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