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Naturschutzzentrum Kreis Coesfeld e.V. is Naturparkhouse  

Press release from April 15.10.2020rd, XNUMX

Naturschutzzentrum Kreis Coesfeld e.V. is Naturparkhouse  

Intensification of the cooperation between the nature conservation center and Naturpark High mark


For years, the nature conservation center has been more official Naturparkpartner of Naturpark High mark. This summer, the nature conservation center and the Naturpark Hohe Mark an additional cooperation agreement that further deepens the joint cooperation. “We are looking forward to the future as an official one Naturparkhaus to arouse the population's interest in nature conservation by enabling them to experience and get to know nature, culture and homeland in their direct and personal environment Naturschutzzentrum Kreis Coesfeld e.V..

Next to the Naturschutzzentrum Kreis Coesfeld e.V. be, within the framework of the funded by the European Union and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia WALDband – Sub-project Welcome to Waldband, Further Naturparkhouses in Naturpark Hohe Mark excellent. the Naturparkhouses act as places of welcome Naturpark. Among other things, visitors learn interesting things about the Naturpark Hohe Mark and its numerous offers. The brochures of the Naturparks can be taken away free of charge. on the big one Naturpark Panoramic map gives guests a fascinating overview of the Naturpark Hohe Mark in its entirety and can provide impetus for your next stay in the Naturpark collect. In addition, the visitors await at the welcome point Naturparkhouse diverse and individual attractions.




"The nature conservation center for the district of Coesfeld offers numerous excursions to the flora and fauna of the district every year." Thomas Wenning, board member of the nature conservation center. Christian Wermert, Baumberge Touristik, adds: “Landscapes know no borders and so the Baumberge and the Naturpark Hohe Mark flowing into one another." In addition, in the now as "Naturparkhaus" titled business headquarters of the nature conservation center on the Alter Hof Schoppmann exciting lectures on natural history topics. The thematically changing exhibitions await the guests in the bright and large exhibition room. "During the course of the project, the Naturpark Hohe Mark and the Naturparkhaus with additional individual nature experience elements,” explains Dagmar Beckmann, Managing Director of the Naturpark High mark. The nature experience elements invite young and old to get in touch with nature. With the educational app BIPARCOURS, schoolchildren will soon be able to go on a digital scavenger hunt on their trip to the extracurricular place of learning Naturparkgraduate house. Exciting puzzles and information about the Alter Hof Schoppmann location await you along the way. All visitors are also invited to Naturparkhaus and its surroundings on a theme-specific and multimedia adventure tour using the progressive web app Geo-Information-Manager.



One goal each NaturparkThe aim of the house is to animate visitors with targeted information about nature in the Naturpark Hohe Mark to perceive more consciously and the Naturpark Hohe Mark to actively experience.” explains Kathrin Fiß, Product Manager WALDband im Naturpark High mark.


In order to anticipate the next visit to the Naturpark Hohe Mark to increase, those interested can find out about that Naturparkhouse Naturschutzzentrum Kreis Coesfeld e.V. as well as the Naturpark Hohe Mark and its offers also on the homepage of the Naturpark Hohe Mark under inform.



Photo: Naturschutzzentrum_Zylka


Kathrin Fiss

Naturpark Hohe Mark Westmünsterland eV



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Naturpark High mark
Tourist Info in NaturparkhouseTiergarten Schloss Raesfeld
Tiergarten 1
46348 Raesfeld
Phone: 02865 – 609110