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Naturparkhike under the patronage of District President Andreas Bothe

Press release from the Münster district government

NaturparkHike Hohe Mark

Munster/Raesfeld. A hike around the Hohenhorst mountains. District President Andreas Bothe served as patron together with the Naturpark Hohe Mark invited today (June 7th). On the two and a half hour hike, around 60 participants from the region went through the forest and fields Naturparks Hohe Mark. Among them were representatives from politics, nature conservation and agriculture from the administrative district and beyond.

“The annual Naturpark“Hiking is not only a wonderful opportunity to experience nature in all its splendor, but also a sign of how important it is to protect our natural resources,” said Andreas Bothe at the beginning of the meeting. “I am pleased about the valuable cooperation of all those involved, which supports and promotes the preservation of ecological diversity,” the district president continued.

The hike took the participants into one of the most impressive landscapes in the world Naturparks: the Hohenhorster Berge nature reserve. The inland dune in this nature reserve is a relic from the Ice Age and is unique in the district Borken. On their hike, the group also passed the Hermann Löns monument in the Winkelhauser Heide.

With the now traditional hike, the participants are supposed to Naturpark get to know and experience better. The joint event has been one of the most popular network meetings in the administrative district for six years.

© Münster district government

The participants went on a 7 kilometer long hike through the river Naturpark High mark.


© Münster district government



The Naturpark High mark

The Naturpark Hohe Mark was founded in March 1963 in Haltern am See, at the intersection of Münsterland, Niederrhein and Ruhr area founded. It is a protected area to experience and discover. Man and nature should come together. Visitors should get to know the special features of the landscape, the animal and plant world and the tradition of the region. The Naturpark is primarily committed to the preservation of the natural and cultural landscape, promotes sustainable tourism and wants to ensure sustainable regional development by establishing regional networks.


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Naturpark High mark
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