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Bee Museum in Gescher is called Naturparkhouse was inaugurated and celebrated with a colorful program for young and old

Now it's official: The Bee Museum Gescher is Naturparka house. Crucial for the Naturpark Hohe Mark, choosing this special place is the museum's outstanding way of imparting knowledge.

Beekeeping has a long tradition in Germany and the importance of honey bees goes far beyond the boundaries of honey production. Through its pollination activity it provides valuable services in relation to agriculture and Biodiversity and is therefore one of our most important farm animals.

Another justification for the Naturpark Hohe Mark the bee museum as NaturparkThe reason for choosing a house is the accessibility of the location and the regular opening hours of the museum, which wants to reach as many people as possible and get them excited about the topic.

In the small bee museum, interested visitors can find out everything they need to know about beekeeping, wild and honey bees and watch a real bee colony at work in the hive.

A lively way of imparting knowledge, experiencing and getting to know the nature and culture of your homeland.


The city's first alderman Gescher, Kerstin Uphues, is pleased about the award and the recognition on the topic of beekeeping. Dagmar Beckmann, managing director of the Naturpark Hohe Mark is impressed that so many actors pulled together for this project and is happy for the location. “Gescher is the northern entrance gate to the Naturpark High mark,” said Beckmann “That NaturparkWe can wonderfully include the bee museum in our marketing!”


A colorful supporting program took place in the museum courtyard for the inauguration: the Infomobile Naturpark Hohe Mark had participation offers in its luggage, as well as a rolling forest school, bread baking for children, a beekeeping quiz and a museum rally with great prizes.

A falconer also created enthusiasm by presenting her Harris Hawk and answering questions about the animal, keeping it and hunting.
Entrance to all museums in Gescher was free that day. With the support of Hof Keil, physical well-being was not neglected and the musical framework was provided by the duo “Tinnitus”.

The Bee Museum Gescher marks the beginning of a series of events Naturpark High mark.
Each of the eight Naturparkhouses has its own focus. In order to give interested visitors the opportunity to get to know the different houses and their work, each house will have one over the next few months Naturparkorganize a day for this.

Extra information:

Further dates in this series of events are:

09.06.24 Naturparkday on Otto-Pankok-Museum in Hünxe

23.06.24 Naturparkday at the Biological Center of the Coesfeld District in Lüdinghausen

07.07.24 Naturparkday at the Biological Station of the Recklinghausen District in Lembeck

21.07.24 Naturparkday on Waldkompetenzzentrum Heidhof in Bottrop-Kirchhellen

25.08.24 Naturparkday on Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld

22.09.24 Naturparkday at the Coesfeld District Nature Conservation Center in Nottuln-Darup

22.09.24 Naturparkday on Naturparkhouse Steveraue in Olfen

The Naturpark Hohe Mark belongs with its area of ​​1978 km2 to the biggest Naturparken in Germany. It extends from Gescher in the north to Bottrop in the south, from Isselburg in the west to Lüdinghausen in the East. Through its lead products, the Hohe Mark RadRoute and Hohe Mark Steig it has great potential for responsible, sustainable regional development. To look forward to the next visit Naturpark Hohe Mark Those interested can find out more about this Naturparkhouses as well as the Naturpark Hohe Mark and its offers also on the homepage Naturpark Hohe Mark under inform.


That from the beekeeping association Gescher-Stadtlohn-Vreden and the surrounding area e. V. built and looked after bee museum is now recognized as Naturparkhouse can increase its popularity even further.

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Naturpark High mark
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