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“Nature Action Days 2022” – “We make nature tangible”

Adventure educational nature event

Pupils of the 1st class of the Comenius elementary school in Dortmund visited the Naturpark High mark.

On June 09.06.2022th, 1, the pupils of the XNUMXst grade of the Comenius elementary school in Dortmund, accompanied by the class teacher and accompanying teacher, got off the bus with joy and excitement. The unfamiliar terrain in the vicinity of the Naturparkexplored the house in Raesfeld. In a round of introductions, with a little refreshment, Mrs. Krass from Naturpark Hohe Mark a brief overview of the Naturpark and reported on the cooperation between the partners Kaufland and the Association of Germans Naturparke. The next step was the topic of the nature action day, which, in addition to discovering the natural environment, also dealt with social skills and competencies such as the ability to cooperate, communicate with one another and teamwork.

Outdoor trainer Christin Boes from the nature experience school in Raesfeld started the nature journey with a presentation of the games. Then we worked out together what is important in the game. It started with the ice floe game, here the focus was on skill and teamwork, which worked very well because all the students supported each other.

The subsequent soil analysis of the forest area is also a great pleasure for all participants. Equipped with magnifying glasses, brushes and glasses, groups went on a journey of discovery. The small forest dwellers could be identified on the basis of display boards. The game "Fotoapparat" required trusting guidance over the forest floor. In a team of two, the partner child was led with their eyes closed to a special detail of nature as a photo motif. Then the child was allowed to open its eyes and this photo moment was discussed and viewed together.

In the next round of play, each child had the opportunity to use a natural fiber cord to make a gift with materials from the forest and then to thank their partner for the good cooperation based on partnership. With joy and a lot of imagination, such wonderful natural gifts came about.

The aim of the reflection units between the individual nature actions was to playfully develop and deepen the interplay between the individual, group and nature as an approach to experiential education.

Before heading home, the students lined up for a group photo and proudly presented their certificates.Naturpark- Explorers". Afterwards, everyone romped around on the adjacent playground Naturparkhome, which the children had already noticed when they arrived. With great joy, the offer for climbing, jumping and hopping on the forest playground was extensively used. They said goodbye in a good mood Naturpark-Discoverers and everyone had visibly enjoyed the nature action day.

As part of the cooperation between Kaufland and the VDN e. V. Kaufland is again supporting 2022 nature action days in 40. The aim of this project is to bring aspects of nature closer to the pupils in a playful way and to strengthen the following skills as far as possible:

– Recognizing and naming native animals and plants, – consciously experiencing the forest habitat and – discovering nature with several senses.

For many it is new territory to experience and shape community. This nature action day experience outside of the usual horizon of experience is ideally suited for this.


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Naturpark High mark
Tourist Info in NaturparkhouseTiergarten Schloss Raesfeld
Tiergarten 1
46348 Raesfeld
Phone: 02865 – 609110