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invitation for Naturparkday on Naturparkhouse Biologisches Zentrum Kreis Coesfeld

“On the trail of nature” – on Sunday in Naturparkhouse and BNE Regional Centre in Lüdinghausen


Enriching experiences in the exchange with nature, direct encounters with plants, animals and habitats: On the “open Sunday” in the Naturparkhouse in Lüdinghausen the cottage garden, colourful meadow flowers, frogs and dragonflies at the pond, birds and insects in species-rich hedges, the beehive, the chicken house, the bat tunnel and many other areas are waiting to be discovered.

Children can explore the area with Kira and Jonas. Kira and Jonas are the protagonists of the read-aloud and interactive story in a discovery booklet that is freely available. They examine insects and illustrate the diversity of the large area with small puzzles, quizzes and fun facts.

Adults can get excited about more nature in their own garden or urban gardening on the balcony. From 13.00 p.m. to 17.00 p.m. they have the opportunity to take part in a free garden tour on the topic of "natural gardening".

For those who want to know more about the Naturpark Hohe Mark If you would like to find out more about the area, there is a 14.30km long guided hike at 9 p.m. Accompanied by a certified Naturparkguide takes you along the “Burgenpatt” circular hiking trail. Two castles, Münsterländer Park landscape, nature, culture and lake idyll, there is something for everyone!

The information vehicle of the Naturparks, an old French fire engine from 1963, will be presented with hands-on activities and information material on Naturpark to be present.

And as always, the beautiful grounds in Lüdinghausen can also simply be used for playing and romping.


Naturparkhaus BNE Regional Centre in the district of Coesfeld

Rohrkamp 29
59348 Lüdinghausen

Admission is free and no registration is required
23.06.2024 from 13.00:17.00 to XNUMX:XNUMX


Extra information:

The aim of the series of events is to encourage visitors to experience nature in Naturpark Hohe Mark to perceive more consciously and the Naturpark Hohe Mark to experience actively.

Upcoming dates for this series of events are:

23.06.24 Naturparkday at the Biological Center of the Coesfeld District in Lüdinghausen

07.07.24 Naturparkday at the Biological Station of the Recklinghausen District in Lembeck

21.07.24 Naturparkday on Waldkompetenzzentrum Heidhof in Bottrop-Kirchhellen

25.08.24 Naturparkday on Naturparkhouse Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld

22.09.24 Naturparkday at the Coesfeld District Nature Conservation Center in Nottuln-Darup

22.09.24 Naturparkday on Naturparkhouse Steveraue in Olfen


The Naturpark Hohe Mark belongs with its area of ​​1978 km2 to the biggest Naturparken in Germany. It extends from Gescher in the north to Bottrop in the south, from Isselburg in the west to Lüdinghausen in the East. Through its lead products, the Hohe Mark RadRoute and Hohe Mark Steig it has great potential for responsible, sustainable regional development. To look forward to the next visit Naturpark Hohe Mark Those interested can find out more about this Naturparkhouses as well as the Naturpark Hohe Mark and its offers also on the homepage Naturpark Hohe Mark under inform.

As third Naturparkhaus opens the BNE regional centre in the district of Coesfeld on Sunday, 23.06.2024 from 13.00 hrs its gates in the event series “Naturparkdays in Naturpark High Mark”

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Naturpark High mark
Tourist Info in NaturparkhouseTiergarten Schloss Raesfeld
Tiergarten 1
46348 Raesfeld
Phone: 02865 – 609110