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On the trail of nature - the discovery booklet for the whole family

The discovery booklet was published in March and the demand was so great that a reprint of the brochure is now available for purchase.

In times of pandemics, many people rediscovered nature for leisure activities.

This also arouses the interest of one or the other to learn more about the experienced environment. The new discovery booklet for children and families offers a lot of exciting and surprising information and is a welcome companion on trips to the Naturpark High mark.


Childcare times in daycare centers and schools are sometimes still severely limited due to the corona pandemic, as is contact with friends and other social contacts.

When children and parents are at home together during the day, it can be very nice, but it can also be very exhausting. Since the discovery booklet, the newly dated Naturpark Hohe Mark was developed, already help to get through such special times better.

Families have to continue to cope with this unfamiliar situation with their children. With the discovery booklet “On the trail of nature”, the whole family can feel how much fun it is to experience new things together. This not only strengthens cohesion, but also offers exciting knowledge.

We are thankful for air conditioning in the car on hot days. You can experience for yourself on a walk through the forest that large contiguous forest areas work like air conditioning. Dogs bark, everyone knows that. When deer make a dog-like bark, it's called a fright and indicates they're disturbed. "The aim of the discovery booklet is to animate pre-school and primary school children to explore nature in the Naturpark Hohe Mark to explore independently and to experience this with different senses," explains Dagmar Beckmann, Managing Director Naturpark High mark.

The games, puzzles, observation tasks and various feeling and listening tasks are clearly and well explained on the discovery pages.

Back home, you will find that each participant of the excursion has gained their own impressions. The picture puzzle included in the booklet offers children the opportunity to process their impressions and prepare themselves for the next tour of discovery through the Naturpark Hohe Mark to look forward to.






The leaflet can easily be found at the following link: can be downloaded or can be obtained at the following tourist information offices for € 4,50:

Church Community Hünxe

Raesfeld community

Church Community Reken

Schermbeck community

City marketing Coesfeld

City of Dinslaken

City Agency Dorsten

city ​​marketing Gescher

City Agency Haltern

City Olfen

Stadt Rhede Marketing department

Biological Center Coesfeld

iPoint Marl

Luendinghausen Marketing

Tourist Info COLOUR Borken

Tourist info Velen

Tourist Information Bocholt

Wesel Marketing





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