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Membership Fees

Association fee schedule Naturpark Hohe Mark – West Munsterland registered association (Hereafter referred to as the association)

§1 principle These contribution regulations are not part of the statutes. It regulates the membership obligations. It can only be changed by the general assembly of the association.

§2 contributions Club members

Districts / urban districts 2000, - € / a

Municipalities 1000, - € / a

Public corporations at least 2000, - € / a


Contribution amount of the clubs and others 100, - € / a

Contribution amount of the companies, the amount of the membership fees for companies depends on their annual turnover (self-assessment)

Annual turnover 250.000 € 250, - € / a

Annual turnover 250.000 € - 500.000 € 500, - € / a

Annual sales 500.000 € - 1,0 million € 1.000 / a

Annual turnover> € 1,0 million € 2.000 / a

The fixed amounts are levied on January 15th of the respective year. The board of directors is entitled to make special agreements with municipalities that are subject to budgetary restrictions.

§3 entry into force The contribution regulations come into effect on January 01.01.2011st, XNUMX.

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